Stylish Adventure

DO you love travel and fashion ? Then Amanda stylish adventure blog is just for you But How ?? please read what Amanda’s passion

“Traveling the world and experiencing new things have always been passions of mine. My husband and I have gone on many journeys together in our 13 years of marriage, having children not being one of them. We made this decision because for us, filling our lives with new experiences and not being tied down to our home is what makes us happy.

In addition to traveling, I am also dedicated to living an ethically, sustainable, and fashionable lifestyle. I am part of the Fashion Institute Guild (FIG) in Omaha, Nebraska. We play a key role in helping local designers by raising money so they can buy fabric, teaching them how to run a successful business, and how to further their own careers in the fashion industry.

I want to show people that your life is all about you, and life is what you make it. Experience what you can, try new things when opportunities arise, but most importantly, do it in a way that makes you extremely happy. “

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