USB Killer 2.0 + Test Shield Including FAST DELIVERY WORLDWIDE

This USB Killer 2.0 will kill near enough any device when plugged into it’s USB socket. Mobile phones, TVs, computers and more. This device should not be used maliciously, but used in electrical testing for USB connected circuitry. Includes USB Test Shield.

The kills stick has provided multiple benefits to many people like journalists, activists and not to forget has been a great boon for the cyber criminals. Using this device, they can keep the sensitive data away from the cyber thieves as well as from the law enforcement.

However, the developers say that the USB Kill stick 2.0 are developed to allow companies prevent the data theft via juice jacking attacks and also test their devices against the USB power surge attacks.

It is noted that over 95% of the devices present in the market in the recent times are prone to the surge power attacks through the USB ports.

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