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My name is Yulia, and my friends call me Yu. I am the designer of YUGA Lifestyle clothes and also a yoga teacher and a mother of three beautiful kids.

I made my first skirt when I was 10, and accidentally ripped it on the fence the same day. ヅ Even when I was a child, I wanted to wear clothes that no one had. I’ve always wanted to wear something that no one else has. I should confess, my favourite Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto, DOES offer clothes I want to wear… THAT VERY WAY, when you choose your clothes to shape your mood, depending on whether you want to feel calm or confident, come to a state of clarity, or enjoy freedom… Yes! EXACTLY. Dignity and freedom!

That’s what I try to achieve when I come up with some new design. It’s all about putting your fav piece of clothes on and get a certain feeling, it’s about the WAY YOU FEEL in it. All of my friends who wear my clothes tell me the same thing.

I make clothes for free creative people who love life and live it with ease, love nature and therefore themselves. For people who value the quality of life and every moment of it, and not just appreciate it, but enjoy it.

In clothes I make, you may want to do yoga, dance, smile, cuddle with your loved ones, chat with friends, catch admiring glances, or simply LIVE. Please, take good care of these clothes, because I put my heart and soul in every piece, breathed LIFE into them.

I wish you to experience LIFE at its fullest in YUGA Lifestyle clothes

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