Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is an interesting play. It’s a comedy about five bridesmaids trying to find sanctuary during their friend’s overly busy wedding reception. We got to see this wonderful play at the Stella Adler Theatre in Los Angeles and although we had a great time and enjoyed the play immensely, we found ourselves watching Ms. Dive Assad, who played the character Georgeanne, almost exclusively.

Dive has a natural talent for comedic timing and even though her character was the bride’s “ugly” sidekick in high school and college, we found it hard to imagine that Dive had experienced an ugly day in her life – ever. Yes, she is beautiful, and we noticed that, but her enormous talent overshadows whatever the forces of the universe has seen fit to bestow upon her. And when you think of all the great actors and actresses in the history of film, most of them were endowed with extraordinary beauty along with a great amount of acting talent. In other words, their beauty didn’t win them any Oscars – their talent did that.

Dive’s acting skills, and she has a boatload of them from her years of extensive training, have enabled her to become an established actress in the heart of the world’s film industry in Hollywood. Before she moved to Southern California from her native Vera Cruz, Mexico, she also trained there – in Economics, that is. That’s right, she earned her degree in Economics at the prestigious ITAM (Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology) in Mexico City. It’s the equivalent of graduating from MIT or the California Institute of Technology here in the states. She had appeared in several short films while at the school and one of her teachers noticed her and suggested that she look into acting.

Apparently, the professor didn’t have to twist her arm because Dive packed her suitcase, jumped on a plane, landed in L.A. and enrolled in a 2-year acting program at the legendary Stella Adler Academy of Acting. After that exhaustive bit of hands on schooling, this very accomplished actress started working in films and hasn’t let up for one minute. Dive was recently in the feature-length motion picture Perception of Art directed by Roana Wullinger, and just to name a few of some of the other film projects she’s been in: While I Walk, Surprise, Margaret, Don’t Let Me Go and Lost Forever. We just don’t have the room in this space to name any more of her films or the stage plays she’s been featured in. All we can do is suggest that next time you see Dive Assad’s name attached to a film or play – run out and go see it. You’ll be glad you did.

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