Top Straightening Brushes for African American Hair Buying Guide

A hair straightening brush is a device which can be used to detangle and straighten the hair with the use of heat. Although heat is a major factor in the function of this device, it does not cause any harm to the hair when used rightly.

 African Americans have a hair textured that is best described as curly. While this is beautiful, there are times when the average African America wants to straighten those curls. There are various reasons different people will want to straighten their hair, regardless of the reason for straightening your hair as an African American, there are certain straightening brushes that are guaranteed to give you the best results. Let’s walk you through some of the tips to help you get the best straightening brushes for African Americans.

Heat Levels

 This is perhaps the most vital feature to be considered by anyone looking to purchase a hair straightening brush. This implies that you have to be certain of the temperature settings of a hair straightening brush before going ahead to purchase it. If your hair is thick, you will get the most results from hair straightening brushes with high temperatures. If otherwise, you might have to go for a hair straightening brush with a temperature setting that is not so high.

Bristles Type

Different bristle types are used in making straightening brushes. So if your hair does not get tangled easily or your scalp is sensitive, you will get the best result from brushes with nylon bristles. On the other hand, if your hair has a reputation for getting tangled, you can make use of straightening brushes that are made of bristles with rubber/silicone tips.

Plate Type

The plate type of a hair straightening brush is important in selecting a hair straightening brush. Individuals with full and thick hair will benefit more from hair straightening brushes that are titanium plated. Also, if your hair is fine, then, you should make use of hair straightening brushes with ceramic plates.


Do you fall into the class of people that always have to move from place to place? If yes, then, the portability of a hair straightening brush is one thing that you have to pay a lot of attention to. If you move around very frequently, the best hair straightening brush for you is one that is lightweight and small.

Chord Length

Hair straightening brushes come with cords of different lengths. While the length of the cord a hair straightening brush comes with has nothing to do with how well it works, it can go a long way to determine how comfortable you will be making use of it.


Hair straightening brushes have various shapes. The shape of hair straightening brush you purchase is dependent on how thick and long your hair is. Individuals with long hair will get better benefits from hair straightening brushes that are in the shape of a sphere. However, a paddle brush is best for people with short hair.

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