Virgin Hair Extensions Can Transform Your Look From Elegant to Sexy

Sometimes we saw our favorite celebrities and film stars appeared in some special occasions wearing different hairstyles. One minute they have a cute short hair, and next we will see they are with beautiful and sexy long curly hair in an award, they frequently switch from an Ombre wave to tight curls.


Have you ever wondered how they achieve these beautiful hairstyles? The answer is hair extensions. If you also want to experiment this to change your look, it is very easy. The hair extensions have swept the hair and beauty industry. Every one can try hair extensions because they are very convenient and affordable. With hair extensions, now you can be one part of this glamourous beauty world that has always been reflected on fashion and magazine cover. Whatever it is a wedding party, birthday, or cocktail party occasion, wearing a full head of extensions can quickly become the hot spot.

However, if you really dive into the world of extensions, you will know there are many types, and very confused about which one to get, here are some popular hair types, be sure to choose the most suitable one to match your natural hair.


Brazilian Hair

The hair comes from South America, typically imported from Brazil and Peru. So, this is the name Brazilian Hair comes from. Its natural shine and curl make Brazilian virgin hair extremely popular among African American women. A lot of companies online claim that they sell Brazilian hair, but you did little research on them, actually their hair is not imported from Brazil, their hair seems to be very cheap, so they are certainly not Brazilian or Peruvian hair.


Indian Hair

It is from India, the texture of Indian hair extensions is more silky and longer than Brazilian hair, but not as thick as them. Most Indian hair is collected from girls who donated their hair to temples in order to raise money for the religion. Indian virgin hair is more expensive because they are completely natural and not treated, the hair is a little wavy from root to end, the length could be up to 36 inch.


Malaysian Hair

Some Malaysian hair extensions come from temples like Indian hair, some are collected from the villages of Malaysia, where women sell their hair to buyers. Malaysian hair is usually sold at a higher price than Indian hair, it is more soft and fine, more suitable for European women.

With all types of hair, you need to pay your attention on the real virgin hair for weaves, because virgin remy hair will last longer, can be re-used, the virgin hair also could be dyed to any other exact shade you want. Real human hair is naturally in off black, dark brown and medium brown. If the hair you bought in any other color, then it must be treated, either colored or permed.

Beauty Forever, a highly reputable hair company, offers 100% human virgin hair, a lot of hair textures like their best sellers body wave and straight of Brazilian hair are loved by most African American. For the long run, it is better to choose a trusted dealer to buy your hair extensions to save great money. They are one of the best dealing in unprocessed virgin hair . They got large variety of virgin hair and hair extensions.

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