For our men friends, it’s quite important to understand that your fertility as a man depends on several factors among the factors being frequent exercise. Infertility happens to be a recently growing issue among our men globally. Body exercise not only does it keep your body muscles fit but also improves your sperm count.

Are you worried about your sperm count? It’s time you considered the following tips. Sometimes you don’t have to see your doctor every now and then for the same issue. It’s possible and quite interesting to solve issues by yourself sometimes.

Unfortunately, infertility is not always recovered. Well, I know that sounds quite freaking. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t cripple your happiness. There is still hope. Although infertility sometimes cannot be treated, it can be improved. In this post, I have prepared a list of some factors that help improve fertility.

  1. Frequent Exercise:

Many of us take body exercise as just a way of keeping your body fit. The truth is that there is a lot that lies under the regular exercise. One of the underlying secrets (not a secret anymore) about regular exercise is that it helps increase your sperm count. Its time you realized that regular body exercise is not just for losing weight. Men who do body exercises regularly are better off in terms of their testosterone status as well as their semen quality compared to men who rarely do body exercise.

Just to recommend, it’s good to do regular jogging for at least 4 times in a week. If possible, just do it every morning.

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Pro note: Too much of exercise may lead to a fall in testosterone levels.

  1. Avoid Stress:

Stress is never healthy for anyone not to talk of men. A recent Study shows that stress is quite capable of reducing any man’s sexual satisfaction. Ops! This sounds quite freaking honestly. We all know how common stress can be. Well, just to let us know, too much/ extensive stress leads to a rise in cortisol levels. This sudden rise in cortisol levels mostly affects the testosterone negatively in that it can lead to low sperm count

However, stress is just but a manageable situation. There many simple ways to evade stress exercise being among the best. For more information, make sure you go through our post on the ways to manage stress.

  1. Loose Excessive Weight:

This may work similarly with regular body exercise. This is because of course, you have to do a lot of regular exercises to lose weight. Studies show that a bigger percentage of the obese men end-up being victims of infertility (low sperm count). It’s not an issue to worry about though. Am glad because the situation is manageable and can be recovered.

This goes for both genders. Obese is obviously overweight. Overweight people are in greater a risk of suffering from low sperm count. Research shows that a bigger number of the obese people in the US are mostly permanent or even temporarily infertile.

I recommend that you do regular body exercise and take quite enough amount of vitamin D. It’s a sure trick to lose weight regardless of the obesity status.


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