5 Legal Provisions Related To Your Health

It’s good to know how the law is built to protect your rights when it comes to your health.  You never know when the knowledge will help you to get the care you deserve.

Enlighten yourself, and learn how to look after your rights when you encounter a situation where you feel your rights have been violated.  Take a few moments now, and check out a quick look into some extra info about how the law works to protect you.


If you are disabled and unable to work

If you are physically (or mentally) disabled and unable to work, then you need to seek out provisions put in place by the law.  Take some time to see if you qualify for social security disability benefits, and be aware that almost everyone is denied the first time they apply for SSD benefits.

If you continue to be denied benefits, you may need a legal professional to help you get what you need.  Find a social security disability benefits lawyer, and get the ball rolling today.  SSD cases aren’t always a speedy experience.


Visitation rights in hospitals 

Though there have been some big moves towards the positive for the LGBTQ community, there are still no firm laws in place to keep individual facilities within the lines.

Officially, hospitals are not legally allowed to discriminate in any way against patients based on their gender identity or sexual preference.  Unofficially, there are no checks in place to hold individual facilities responsible for their actions should they choose to openly discriminate.


Your right to workers’ compensation benefits

You’re likely aware that your employer is responsible for any injuries you suffer while you’re on the clock.  However, there are loopholes to this legal provision that could leave you stuck with the bill.

Workers’ compensation insurance is legally required for employers, but not all injuries fall on the shoulders of the top dog.  If you are found to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, the contract is voided.


You have the right to total privacy

Your medical records are entirely under your control.  You have the right to privacy under HIPAA laws, but you also have the right to full disclosure.

Don’t live in the dark about your physical well-being, and utilize your rights to obtain information regarding your body from physicians/facilities who manage your health.


If you are injured due to the negligence of another

When someone else’s carelessness causes you physical (or mental) harm, you are not left to sit alone in your anguish.  The law protects those who suffer in this manner, and holds the person (or business) responsible for your pain accountable for rectifying the situation to the best of their ability.

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