IMHO Pants Hangers Space Saving Hangers Clothes Hangers

Still worrying about your messy wardrobe?

Still looking for ways to save closet space?

Do you love extra space in your closet?

Are you looking for a suitable helper to organize cabinets?

💓 IMHO pants hangers can solve all your question, use them and only take up the space of one hanger!
💓 This is a magic hanger that can save more spaces for your closet system, and it is an expert in clothes classification as well!
💓 Cheap and fine. These hangers make organizing your closet and reorganizing with the change of seasons simple and efficient. Perfect space saving solution!

Why Choose IMHO Multifunctional Clothing Hanger?

⭐Unique Design⭐

So you don’t have to throw your clothes out to make more space! It provides excellent functions especially suitable for closet wardrobe of small storage room, compact apartments, and college dorms, RV or holiday home

⭐Strong and Sturdy⭐

The space saving hangers are made from high-quality metal material, which strong and sturdy enough to ensure safe and luxurious closet organization

⭐Widening spacing⭐

Widening the spacing makes rack easier to hang clothes

⭐Travel & Home Companion⭐

Each hanger can hold 6 trousers/ ties at the same time, 360 degrees rotates freely, saves 80% of the wardrobe space and keeps trousers in natural shape without any wrinkles. Perfect for hanging your jeans, pants, trousers, ties, scarf, etc.

Other information you may refer to:
☑ Color: Silver
☑ Dimension: Height is 42.5cm (16.7”) without collapsed hook, 35.5cm (14”) is base length
☑ Package: 3pcs / carton
☑ Material: Aluminum alloy
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