7 Ways to Improve the Security of School Entrance

It is extremely important to have a school security system with the ever-growing crime scene that happens in school. The students become vulnerable to a lot of danger if the security measures are not given the importance that they deserve. These school security systems should give the teachers and student enough time to act accordingly and to alert the authorities. The main point of risk is from the entrance and you should be sure you’re protecting it from intruders.

Here are 7 ways to improve school security entrance:

1- Camera and Monitoring

One of the first steps to protect the school is to install cameras around the campus. The camera should be installed at all the entrance of the school and should be monitored diligently. Having security cameras gives you enough time to recognize if a person should be allowed entry in the school. Even in case of a break in, it alerts you to vacate the school. A camera should also be installed in the parking lot to prevent cases of kidnapping, eloping, etc. All these cameras should be monitored for any unusual behaviour from any individual. Having an intercom system along with the camera gives you an even better protection.

2 -Visitor Management

Having a management system that tracks the entry and exit times of visitors helps you to keep a record of all the strangers. Having a computerized access system can also help you know the history of a stranger wanting to enter by searching for its database. You can know if that person was involved in any kind of crime that could be a threat to your students. You should make these visitors wear a badge or any way of identifying that they are allowed after an inquiry. Any stranger found without the badges should be strictly reported by the staff.

3 -Single Entry

Having a single main entry to the school makes it easier to monitor who comes in and goes out from the campus. Schools usually have multiple entries that could be vulnerable to a security breach. Keeping the entrance strictly monitored would make sure your school is secure. At the same time, make sure you monitor all the other entrance occasionally and see if the entrances have been tampered with or any sign of forced entry.

4- Security Staff

Training the school staff in case of an emergency is important. The teachers should know how to recognize an emergency, the exit points in case they have to vacate the school, the procedure to follow if they see a stranger without a visitor badge and how to go about in case of suspicious behaviour from anyone. No matter how much the staff members are trained, the emergency situation makes the entire school panic and fear for their life. Appointing security staffs who are usually trained police officers and militants have a better experience is handling the students and staff in case of emergencies and provides better protection.

5 – Panic Buttons

These are the smartest way to let the entire school know they have an emergency. Having a school panic button can alert all the students and staff about an unknown entry or an intruder. This button can be placed in the main office or around the main entrance; the most common points for a stranger to enter from. Panic buttons can also be used to alert the police as well as issue a warning to the entire school.

6 – Window Glazing

While you can protect forced entry through the doors, it is possible that a stranger might try to make an entry through the windows. This is where window glazing comes into action. Window glazing makes the glass of the window hard to break. It might not be bulletproof or impossible, but it would require a good amount of strength and time to break through giving students the time to vacate a classroom.

7- Double Door Entry

Double door entry is a smart way to restrict strangers from entering the main campus. A single door is assigned for people to enter the school and visit the main office. There is another door that restricts the entry into the campus. This ensures that there are no intruders that enter the campus and compromise security. You can always make a thorough check of whether a person is trustworthy enough to enter the school.

While you cannot be sure when the security of the campus is compromised, you can always make sure your school is alert and safe from any kind of trouble by installing a strong security system.

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