Ancient Symbols, a new UFO documentary from Director Dwayne Buckle hits the shelves!

If you like documentaries, Dwayne Buckle brings you yet another intriguing piece, Ancient Symbols. As the name suggests, the documentary explains the importance of symbols throughout history and explains their evolution and use in our daily lives. From the prominent Yin Yang symbol to the icons and emojis on our screen, symbols are everywhere. According to the documentary, these graphic illustrations bring about subconscious shifts in energy. Therefore, energy, goals, and symbols share a complex, interconnected relationship.

This gripping documentary delves deeper into the meaning of, what are perhaps the most famous symbols in history. What do these ancient symbols signify? Where did they originate? And more importantly, how did they influence humankind in ancient times and the present day?

The documentary answers all these complex questions that we often ponder ourselves.

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