Which Bracelets Are Trending These Days?

Trends often change with the seasons as well as the age and generation. Luckily there are some trends that always come back in style so buying jewellery to suit the current trends should not be seen as a waste. Bracelets are always an amazing addition to any outfit since they add some decoration to an otherwise bare looking arm. This year, the trends are all about playful jewellery that was very common in our preteen years, with a more elegant and sophisticated twist, of course.

Here are a few of the bracelet trends that are in style today:

  1. Shell Bracelets: These are stylish while also reflecting sophistication and the beauty of nature. Shell bracelets, when worn the right way and paired with other matching jewellery, are stunning and can complement your looks and style since they have a sleek, yet quirky feel to them. No matter if you choose to wear sarees, skirts or jeans, a shell bracelet will add beauty, elegance and character to your outfit.
  2. Ultra-Thin Bracelets: These come in different designs and materials, but have one thing in common- they are all very thin and can add a very simple and elegant look to your wrist. Either wear these bracelets individually or stack them up with a variety of ultra-thin bracelets of different but complementary styles and you are good to go!
  3. Chain Link Bracelets: Available in a variety of designs, chain link bracelets are fashionable accessories that mainly feature designs that resemble the links found on a chain. They can be worn with a number of outfits for many different occasions and make some of the most fashionable gold bracelets for women if you are the type to opt for simple styles that.
  4. Charm Bracelets: These comprise of several pendants hung around a bracelet, most often made in the chain link style. These pendants are often themed and are usually held dear by their owners since they symbolise what they love most. A few examples of the themes that charm bracelets can be found in are marine, nature, feminine, animals, moon and stars, religious, musical and many more. If you pick the right type of charm bracelet, you can be sure you will never want to leave your house without it. Something that is also common with charm bracelets is that they get a lot of attention and can be a great conversation starter. If you are looking for a trendy bracelet that plays multiple roles, this is the pick for you.
  5. Tennis Bracelet: This versatile bracelet category is something that every woman should own since they are always trending, with good reason. They can be worn for pretty much any occasion and are easy to move around in since they are so comfortable to wear. There are many unique designs in this category, and if you have chosen a diamond bracelet designit will also add a bit of sparkle and elegance into your life and attire.

There are many other types of trending bracelet designs, but these are by far the most popular among jewellery lovers, so take your pick and enjoy the attention you will get by wearing them.

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