Chiron Wise Centaur

Chiron – Wise Centaur is a holistic, integrative healing center. Our motto is: “Bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul to function appropriately and synchronized. Helping is healing.” We would say for well-being that four factors have to be synchronized and in balance – positive outlook, attention, resilience, and generosity. It is a time to get back to nature and find a healthier you.

Ask yourself one simple question today: how well are you, really! Generally, good health is as much about our spiritual, mental and emotional state (and even more) as it is about our physical (body) condition. To get there, go step by step, bit by bit, day by day…Healing has to start with you!

Indeed, the conventional approach for healing and treatment for pathological alterations is our reality, in Western medicine, and we would say “a must.” However, complementary, integrative, functional and holistic therapies are very successful as well. If they are applied wisely and professionally, either in combination with conventional medical treatments as a complementary treatment or by themselves as a holistic, alternative, they can be extremely beneficial for the process of healing.

We offer consultations in various aspects of holistic healing arts and counseling in aromatherapy, holistic herbal remedies and supplemental (dietary) holistic therapy, human design analysis, counseling in holistic healing of depression (particularly for treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder) and life-wellness-health coaching for the disabled people and chronically ill.

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