The plant plays a vital role in our day-to-day activities. The importance of plants cannot be overemphasized. Humans were hunters in the ages past, but they quickly killed off all available games as the population increased. This led to the first harnessing of plants and what it can be used for, they begin to use the plant as an alternate source of food.  Over time, this has evolved to agricultural farming, a dependable source of food for humans. However, this is not the only way plants have been harnessed. It is also used for other purposes like chemicals and other industrial uses, so the next time you see a green plant, whether leafy or non-leafy, know that they play a key and vital role in your well-being. Without plants, the world would have disintegrated. I know that is a bit overwhelming, but it is the truth. The main share of our sources of food comes from plants, then from other sources as well. Also, the oxygen you breathe in is produced by plants as waste products, thereby providing you with a constant and fresh supply of clean air. Dig on to understand the other importance of plants. Without waiting, let’s dive in!

Importance of plants

  • As medicine: we can’t deny that a lot of medications and remedies are derived from plants. Even in the ages past, the only source of medicinal plants. The use of plants in medicine is almost as old as man itself.
  • As for chemicals: some certain chemicals are derived from plants and are used to carry out essential services. For instance, certain chemicals such as nicotine and rotenone are vital in the preparation of pesticides. Others, such as ricin and curare, are poison derived from plants but have been studied for their usefulness.
  • As food: one of the significant sources of food for humans is a plant. They contribute to more than 60% of our food. They are sources of a healthy and delicious meal.

  • For industrial purposes: they are used for industrial purposes, although this is sometimes abused. Industrial materials such as dye, resins, gums, tannins and other materials are gotten from plants and are used to manufacture products like soap, plastics, rubber and perfumes.
  • In beautification, plants are used to beautify the environment; this aspect is known as horticulture. Ornamental plants such as tulipomania and palms are beneficial to the environment. They also give rise to gardening, which is both a leisure and professional activity for some individuals. Also, gardening helped in the cultivation of plants that help prevent erosion of the topsoil. Recent studies have also shown that gardening has to rehabilitate benefits for people with some certain kind of disabilities.
  • For research work: plants are also being used for research work, which as led to breakthroughs in some specific fields of study. The study of genetics was primarily carried out on plants. This is seen in the work of Gregor Mendel, who was known for his researches concerning laws of inheritance, which he carried out on cowpeas.

Medicinal Herbs

It is a known fact that science has made a tremendous breakthrough in the aspect of medicine, but despite all this breakthrough in research and medicine, there are still aspects that pose a significant challenge. In this area. But before the advent of science and its discovery, humans already found a way to deal with diseases, which is through herbs. Some of these herbs are found growing around us. Some even exist as weeds but have medicinal properties. Although this could not cure every disease and microorganism in the long run, it also evolves, which led to the advent of modern medicines, which was targeted towards harnessing their active compounds and using it for specific purposes. This gradually took over our natural medicine, and before long, natural medicine was relegated and forgotten you can find best ranking services for tree companies.

Recently, it is now becoming a widespread belief that modern drugs are having significant side effects on our body system. But natural herbs will perform the function of conventional medications if adequately studied and managed. The incredible thing is that they can be easily considered as these herbs are found around us.

Gradually people are beginning to research these backyard herbs, and it is used and is showing great promises. People are beginning to focus on these grassroots knowledge and how it can be used for humankind’s good. Another advantage of herbs is that it can be cultivated on a small scale in your garden. This is a bonus because you get carryout your favourite activity while growing potential remedies for diseases and sickness. Some of these herbs are ornamental plants that can be used to beautify your home, and hey! They also give you a fresh and clean source of air, fantastic, right!

Backyard Healing Herbs

Backyard healing herbs is a book that you would wish has been available all your life. This fantastic book contains lots and lots of natural medicine for some common and rare diseases. But the result you will get depends on how willing and enthusiastic you are about following the rituals and lay down principles.

It also teaches you how to beautify and practice gardening with these natural remedies. It states the names of plants and their functions and how they can be used for our benefits. Like earlier said, some of these plants are natural remedies for common diseases and infections such as cold, fatigue, fever and insomnia. This book will give you access to information about some plants like ginseng, turmeric, and Echinacea, to mention a few and their functions and how to cure it.

It contains detailed and Step-by-Step instructions on how to go about using these plants for your benefits. It also gives a pictorial presentation of these plants so that you can quickly identify these plants when you come across them. The book is available and quite easy to digest. It is guaranteed that you won’t regret getting this book because it will save you time and money. Get yours now, and you won’t be disappointed!

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