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Passport is an essential piece of document that one must carry while traveling abroad. It carries the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. You need to be extra careful while selecting or clicking the photo for the passport because you are going to use this document for next decade and I am sure of that you want a good looking passport photo. Despite this, irresponsible selection of photos for passport application could lead to the rejection of your application.

In this post, I am going to share some Dos and Don’ts, tips to take good passport photos.

Guideline for photos for passport application:

  1. The photo that you want to use for passport application needs to have taken within the last six months. This to assure you that photo is actually yours!
  2. Since 1st November 2016, the applicants must not wear spectacles for a passport photo. Passport applications with a photo of a person wearing spectacles destine to get rejected.
  3. Passport applications must not include a photo of a person wearing any kind of uniform with the name of an organisation on it.
  4. Do not cover your head with anything like headbands, scarves or hats. Passport applications allow a religious headgear if you are wearing it every day as long as your face is visible. You also need to submit a written explanation for it.
  5. Your facial expressions should be neutral and your eyes must be wide open.
  6. The background must be white.

How to make your passport photo more appealing:

  1. You can wear any kind of clothes as long as it is not a uniform. It is recommended you click yourself in formals instead of a T-shirt, jumpers or trousers. Go for collared shirts, it will help maintain your professional image if you ever go for a business visa.
  2. Always option for any colour except white or black. The background of the photo must always be white as per guidelines. Do you know what makes you appealing and charismatic in white background? Not wearing white clothes. Try your favourite colour.
  3. If you have pimples or dark spots on your face, you surely do not want to frame them for eternity in your passport document. You are not allowed to Photoshop but what you can opt for is ‘Makeup’. Apply a little bit of makeup if needed.
  4. Your face covered 80% to 85% of the photograph. Passport photo includes top of the shoulders and closes up of the head/face. That is why you should opt for high neckline dresses. So, your dress maintains visibility after final cropping and you don’t look completely naked.

While clicking the photograph:

  1. You should stand at least 4 feet away from the camera.
  2. Your eyes should wide open and staring at the camera lens. You need to lift your face straight in the line of the camera.
  3. You also need to be careful about the uniform lighting and there must not be any shadow or flash reflection on your face and no red-eyed.

If you are not comfortable taking the photo yourself, then google ‘passport photos near me‘ to get information about a good photo studio in your area.

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