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In today’s article we had the chance to sit down with a leading fashion influencer in Dubai. Mohammad Nasser aka @Dubai_Gentle has more than 80k followers on Instagram and his outfits have been featured numerous times on big Instagram pages, such as @richkidslondon, @designercommunity or @thetrillionairelife to just count a few. Dubai Gentle told us that he has been using Selling Community since the beginning when we only had a couple of thousand followers and that he was surprised by the momentum it got over the last years. We asked him a couple of questions about his style and what he thinks will be the next big thing in Fashion.



How long have you been using Instagram and why did you decide to share your outfits on it?

I started in 2012, and at that time there was no one sharing luxury fashion pics and to be honest it was never a choice I took, but it just came naturally. The things I show are my life. I live in Dubai and luxury here is normal, even if I wish sometimes to live a more humble life. Either way, Instagram loves luxury so my account blew up and the rest is history.

What do you have your eyes on in Fashion at the moment?

Virgil Abloh! …. I guess everyone does in 2019, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical about the Louis Vuitton X Virgil Abloh collection, but now he got me hooked and I really bought tons of it already. I also like his other collaborations such as Nike and recently the one with Ikea. Other brands are Dior, Rimowa and Fendi. I guess this year its all LVMH for me. Lastly I like the Travis Scott Jordans I wear those a lot actually they match most of my outfits and are just a comfortable sneaker to wear in general.

Can you give us a feedback to improve the Selling Community platform?

You guys did a really good job with the app, I was not expecting this to happen and also already saw some interesting items on there. But I have to make a confession to you. Up until now in all the years I have only used Selling Community to buy the items that were sold out or not available in Dubai. I remember, I once saw a pair of Louis Vuitton boxing gloves, those were quite cool actually. I have never used it for selling, I actually need to check if my Paypal is even working at this moment lol. Either way my closet is too full right now and I need to make some space, I will sell some special heat items with you in the near future.

What item did you miss out on that you wished you bought?

Sadly I missed out on a lot of the items from the Kim Jones X Louis Vuitton collection like the titanium keepall.
I guess at that time I propably had my eyes too much on Gucci so I kind of didn’t pay attention to the releases. Actually I really need to get it…
Lets see, if some member sells it in the near future. I might slight into his DM’s.

Thanks for sitting down with us and we are looking forward to help you sell some of your items in the near future. #SELLINGCOMMUNITY

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