How to wear basketball shoes casually

For a casual look, we look for some random shoes. Try basketball shoes for a casual look. Yes, I am telling the truth. Do some research, you will see star players following this fashion trend and they look cool. If you want to know how to wear basketball shoes casually then follow this guideline. It is a great article about basketball shoes.

For casual look wearing basketball shoe:

Basketball shoe comes with different color and shapes. For this reason, it can be used as sports shoe and also a streetwear. They are popular for comfortable features. So everyone tries to wear this sports shoe to enjoy a comfortable casual look.

  • Choose the perfect shoe:

If you want to look good with a basketball shoe, select the perfect shoe for it. Basketball shoe comes with different shape and size.

  • Slim jeans:

Jeans is I think everyone’s favorite clothing. It really gives a smart look when it is properly worn with proper style and shoe. If you want to wear it with sports shoe than you have to wear slim jeans. It helps to give a balanced look.

  • Sock style:

With basketball shoe, you have to wear a sock. Don’t wear a long sock. Try a low cut sock.

  • Old fashion:

Old is gold. Admit or not, there is many fashion trend that is still the most attractive style that no modern style could build it. There is the same fashion with basketball shoe. if you wear a simple jean with the long forgotten shoe air force 1, it is a guarantee that your friend will die to wear that shoe to look stylish.

  • Don’t hide your shoe:

To look casual, it is better to let your basketball shoe show under your jeans. Try different colors of basketball shoes. They will give you a stylish look.  When you are wearing a basketball shoe with jeans than tuck the jeans in the shoe.

  • Color combination:

As basketball shoe has different kinds of patterns and colors, you may think to match your color dress with it. But it is not recommendable. If you wear simple t-shirt with this colorful sports shoe, you will look fashionable.

  • No pin rolling but roll:

Do not pin roll your jeans, it doesn’t look good. You can roll the jeans up the shoe. It will give you a casual look. Remember not to look odd.

Basketball shoes to consider to wear to look casual:

Here are some shoes who will help you to look casual. They are worth it:

  1. Air Jordan 31:

This basketball shoe is the best shoe for casual wear for its look and fashionable wear. Jeans will go best with this shoe.

  1. Nike Kobe Ad Nxt:

Though this shoe is simple in look it gives a quiet stylish effect when you wear it. This shoe is light in weight and comfortable to wear. It also comes with different colors. You can wear any kind of dress with this shoe.

  1. Adidas Crazylight:

If you want durable and high in quality basketball shoe to use as casual shoe than consider this cool basketball shoe Adidas Crazy light. Trust me it is worth it.

  1. Nike Kyrie 3:

This shoe is simple and has the clean design. Perfect to wear as the casual shoe. You can wear any casual wear with this shoe.

  1. Lining Way Of Wade 5:

Your look with this shoe will be the most wanted casual look. The design of this shoe is clean and the material is just perfect.

For me, these 5 basketball shoes are perfect to look casual with. You can go for other shoes if you want, but I prefer to stick to them for a long time.

Some tips to look smart with basketball shoes:

  • Keep your look simple with jeans, t-shirt with a basketball shoe.
  • If your basketball shoe is colorful than go for a black or white outfit.
  • Want to get a cute look with casual wear than trying a jeans jacket. You will be loved by all.
  • Try a simple t-shirt and a cropped trouser with a basketball shoe. You will look cool.
  • With short pant go for a leather jacket. It will look good with a basketball shoe.
  • Do not wear too long or too short pants with a basketball shoe.

To look casual with a basketball shoe, you have to know the style and trick. You can’t just go for any style or any look with any shoe without any information. If you really want to know how to wear basketball shoes casually than you have to know your style and comfort zone. It is really a major fact. No one can just go and pick a style. You have to see whether this style is good for you or not. If you can do some research on some casual look, it will help you to select a style. And as for a basketball shoe, you have to pick the shoe that is comfortable for your feet. Because no style will not be perfect if you are not comfortable with it. Looking stylish and carrying it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to know what is good for you and what is not. But a basketball shoe is a must-have shoe for all. You can play and also walk with style with this shoe. so pick one and enjoy your look with it.



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