5 Questions with Europe Film Festival Winner, James Pratt

James Pratt, was the only Australian to take out an award at this year’s Europe Film Festival with USA and European films scoring the most awards, Pratt who won Best Talent for his performance as host on the series, Conversation Hollywood is also a director on the series.

Hollywood producer Justin Levine described James as a rare talent in the film industry, Being both very strong in acting and directing, but also a hard worker— all the features you see in a rising star.

Besides hosting Conversation Hollywood, Pratt is about to commence filming on the new US comedy film, Fairway, as the lead actor while in December he’s attached to direct the feature film Skyline Mist in Los Angeles.

Here is our interview with James,

How does it feel to Win the Europe Film Festival?

James– It’s a huge honour, I’m so thankful just to be a part of the festival and do what I’m doing.

Who has been your biggest influence in life?

James- My Mum and Sister Lisa without a doubt are the biggest influences, I was lucky to have them.

 What’s the best way to navigate the film Industry?

James – I think it’s vital to have outside passions, something that you can enjoy and that allows you to detach from the industry. Film and Television is such a wonderful industry to be in, however it’s also a business and often highly emotional and cut throat, so having something outside to enjoy helps you balance your emotions and lends perspective to enjoying a much richer life.

 Why do you make movies?

James- I love being creative and the idea of telling a story, something that moves people or makes them laugh and smile. The creative process and working with other creatives as well is so rewarding.

 Can you share with us a little about Skyline Mist?

James – I can’t share too much except that this is a really exciting film, it’s fast paced and really hooks you in, it’s Interstellar Meets Basic Instinct.


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