A Latest Interview With The Founder Of TG2M ‘Kaye-Cee Austin

1- We’re starting to hear a lot about TG2M so it’s great for our readers to put a face with the company name. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Kaye-Cee Austin. I’m a legacy consciousness warrior, serial entrepreneur as well as a professional rule breaker. As a retired Army Veteran who joined at the age of 17 in 1999, I use my fourteen years of Human Capital Management and Corporate Strategy skills to help startup founders, solopreneurs, executive teams and other business professionals:

(1.) Develop a high performing and fearless mindset.

(2.) Communicate to get WHAT they want, WHEN they want it and with WHOM they want.

(3.) Become attractive, dominant and better versions of themselves for the good of anything and everything that they hold dear.

2- Speaking of serial entrepreneur, you are well known for the teen and young adult driven technology company TeenTrep.Co– but you’ve recently started another venture. This one we hear is more for the 18 and above crowd. How would you describe your new company “TalkGeeky2Me.Co or TG2M” in a few words?

TG2M, a Silicon Beach technology company, is an All-In-One Conversation & Relationship Platform equipping its members with the curated lifestyle and business content necessary to assist them in becoming all around better human beings.

3- What was the catalyst that sparked your creation of TG2M?

After creating my first company in 2014, I noticed that our nation’s teens and young adults still lacked soft skills; which was a problem Time Magazine and other publications noted in 2013. Now we have all of these million and billion dollars teens and young adults creating companies out there but one thing seems to be missing. Their ability to communicate their thoughts, needs, play well in the sandbox with others and form meaningful relationships. TeenTrep.Co was good. But as the saying goes ‘‘When you know better, you do better. ’’ I knew I could do better. Thus Talk Geeky 2 Me (TG2M) was born.

4- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?

Honestly, one of my biggest challenges has been in learning to balance my personal life and goals with that of my businesses but with the help of my husband, daughter, mentors and advisors, after almost three years– I am making it all work. Finally learning to balance my family life with my passions in order to ensure everyone in my life–my team, family, friends, customers; including myself is getting exactly what they need from me is truly the most important thing to me.

Want to learn more? Check out TG2M at www.TalkGeeky2Me.Co or www.TG2M.Co and make sure to subscribe to their FREE newsletter.

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