Alex Embler Get To Know Interview

Alex Embler is a pop themed singer from Nashville, TN. Most recently, he’s launched his new EP titled ‘Indigo’ on LEGEND Recordings and is quickly gaining momentum! We sat down to learn more about Alex recently. You can check it out below!

1. What did you do prior to becoming interested in music as a full-time effort?

I played professional baseball, then spent some time as a booking agent, booking tours for bands/artists, and then I was restaurant GM for a few years. I’ve been all over the place and held many titles!

2. How did you get into the music industry?

My intro to the industry was during my time as a booking agent. Really developed the urge to become a solo artist when I moved to Nashville. That really gave me the confidence to do the thing!

3. What makes you unique from all the other singers that are out right now?

-I carry a lot of emotion and experience in my voice. I strike the emotions, I get real, I pull back the curtain, and I’m not afraid to show my true self and my vulnerabilities. I’m human and I like to make sure people know that and can see it.

4. If you were in front of a huge crowd performing- what would be the first thing you said?

-“We made it! Thank you for braving the past year and a half and coming out here to support me! Let’s go!

5. Tell us about your latest release?

Indigo- is a collection of 5 songs that all have a different feel and vibe. Shows my versatility as an artist, which collectively will leave you feeling a lot of different ways! Happy, sad, hype, etc. it’s been over a year of hard work, but I’m so incredibly proud of the project! Being my Debut Release I wanted it to pack a punch, and it certainly does.

6. What goals do you have with this one specifically?

– my goal with this is to really begin making headway on continuing to build my audience, build my identity as an artist and flow nicely into new singles and projects. We’re going to push this record hard for the next bit and let people know who we are!

7. If a new listener were to start with 1 song, which would you recommend?

– Indigo. This song has it all, and is such a vibe. It encapsulates all aspects of my sound, and people will find that it’s really the song that has the potential To take us really far!

8. What’s been a scary moment along the way?

-I would say the covid pandemic was the biggest scare. For a bit I wasn’t sure if a music career would pan out, due to the inability to play live and utilize Nashville and the networking opportunities that are essential. However we adapted, and got through it!

9. Who inspires you?

My wife. She works harder than anyone on the planet, and she inspires me daily to be the best version of myself. She pushes me, calls me out when I need it and everything I’m working towards is for her.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

– I see myself being very established nationally, with a lot of momentum, on the verge of really breaking through. My ultimate dream is to play arenas, so I hope to be very well on my way or close by that time!

Be sure to stream the new video for “Indigo” today!

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