An Exclusive Interview With Music producer & Publisher J.Dexslane

Who is the super talented J.Dexslane?

Wow. Thank you. I am a music producer and publisher. Also a volunteer drum teacher for the Non-profit organization The Louisiana New School Academy -a school for the displaced and disenfranchised youth of the locality. My most notable and highly-acclaimed performance was during the All Star Weekend in February, 2017, at the “Artist Against Violence” showcase, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, by the Cipher Code Music Group of Atlanta, Ga. I also shared the stage with Rocky Mountainz, a rising star artist who is also from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What inspires your music?

Inspiration behind my style would be Drum corp cadences, EDM and Electronica. My shows are usually organized in clubs or lounge settings, featuring a dark ambiance with minimal fluorescent lighting. My latest release titled “Bandz” was featured on Enneai’s album ‘C’est La Vie’. My work has been attributed as matching the likes of the 90’s band ‘Do or Die’, although I, myself, believe I sound more like Warren G

What challenges do you face in the music industry?

Challenges I face in the industry would be maintaining updated software and sounds. Also looking to find the right music supervisor.

 How has your childhood impacted your music?

From my childhood, I would say being a part of middle school band really helped in training my ears for different styles of music.

What plans do you have for the future?

For 2018 I plan to create music videos for a few of the tracks I’ve recorded this year. I am currently focused on generating new materials and content, for a compilation of tracks I am working on in collaboration with other major producers.

How can your fans follow your journey?

My fans can find me on Instagram @j.dexslane, on Facebook as Dex Slane and on Linkedin as J. Dexter. I am so grateful for all of my fans for enjoying my music and sharing it with their friends!
Also Thank you Celebs&Fashion Mag for featuring me! You’re awesome!

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