“Blvck Jagger”, an inspiring and talented music artist

We are sharing our interview with music artist Malcolm Harvest aka “Blvck Jagger”.

CNF Mag : What first got you into music?
Blvck Jagger : The first thing that got me into music was my family. My family has an immense amount of musical talent. My grandmother and grandfather had a trio and she played for Sam Cooke on the radio for a radio performance in Texas back in the day.

CNF Mag : Who inspired you to make music?
Blvck Jagger : The Most High. And my surroundings, my life. My
circumstances. Music always made it better. I also have a muse.

CNF Mag : How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Blvck Jagger : It sounds like the soundtrack to a new world. The one we think of in our minds. The world of imagination. It’s Rock n Roll and Soul. It’s my spirit that I record on my music nothing else. Unfiltered and raw.

CNF Mag : Our readers would like to know more about your track “Welcome 2 L.A.” ?
Blvck Jagger : It’s the greatest Los Angeles Vibe. You can listen to it when you are driving, at the beach at the park, the mountains. It’s really a great record it will take any experience and elevate it. It’s got an uplifting vibe.

CNF Mag : You must be very happy with the kind of response you received from the release?
Blvck Jagger : Yes, I’m very grateful that people are tuning in I just want to continue to put out music and continue that serves not only me but the world.

CNF Mag : Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Blvck Jagger : Kendrick Lamar, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr. John Mayer, Maleek Berry. Burna Boy. Wiz Kid. J Cole. Earth Gang. Tobe Nwigwe. Chris Brown. Quincy Jones. David Foster. Linda Perry. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Pharrell and Timbaland.

CNF Mag : What’s up next?
Blvck Jagger : Coming up next I’m so excited we are dropping two EPs and a short film and a number of visuals. I’m looking forward to it. It’s all for you guys.

CNF Mag : What is one message you would give to your fans?
Blvck Jagger : No one is gonna help find your identity but you. Identity is the most important thing we have when it’s locked in. You become immovable. You the best stay up. PUSHPOWER 48 the label and Blvck Jagger is the name. Big things. Blvckjagger.com @blvckjagger on IG and Twitter.

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