An Exclusive Interview With Famous Gynecologist Mr. Kalogirou

Mr. Kalogirou, you are a famous gynecologist in Greece, Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born in Athens Kifisia in 1971 and both my parents where doctors. After completed my high school education in 1989 with excellent grade, I graduated from Athens university medical school after six years, in 1996. After the compulsory army service 2 years as medical officer, I had a post of general doctor in a district area of Greece which also is compulsory for a year. In 1999 I trained in general surgery and I decided to travel abroad in the United Kingdom for special training in Obstertrics and Gynaecology. My first post in 1999 was as an SHO in Merthyr Tydfil UK and after a period of two years, I became registrar in OBGYN in the University Hospital of Gardiff. In 2004 I completed my special training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Greece. Same year, I was trained in the IVF Center Penn University US and in 2005 I came back to Greece where I decided to develop my private practice clinic-  with special field in infertility and obgyn services. In that period I was one of the leader for the construction of ‘’Rea’’ maternity hospital –  which was started in December 2010.

What are the services you offer at your clinic? And where are you located?

Our services are related to fertility – obstetrics  and all medical problems a woman can face during her life. As a clinic we are also specialized in minimal invasive surgery and breast treatments. We also deliver more than 150 women per year. Our clinic is located in the heart of Athens near Hilton hotel, Vas Sofias & D.Aiginitou 4 metro station“Megaro Mousikis”.

How is a typical day for you?

I wake up early in the morning and I go to the hospital where I do all my minor or major surgeries in the operation theater, I see my patients in the hospital and I go back to my private clinic where usually we start at 2 with my medical appointments. We finish late at night and usually I try to go back home just to see my sons before bed.

What inspires you?

My family first of all and the happiness of a woman when she has a positive pregnancy test.

Many women are travelling to Greece for medical reasons, and a lot to be able to conceive, what is your advice to a woman that tries to have a baby and wants to visit your clinic?

I believe that in 2018 the success rate for being pregnant is extremely high compare to previous years and the only thing that women have to deal with, is only stress and anxiety. In our clinic we give the proper medical support to have a succefull outcome.

 How can women find your office? And what is the procedure to book an appointment?

Our clinic is near Hilton area in the heart of Athens. The address is Vas Sofias & D Aiginitou 4. The best way for appointment is to send us an email at: or call our Midwife Mrs Kelly in +306983200800.

What is the greatest thing you have ever heard from a woman?

The best think I have ever heard from a woman was  when she delivered her first baby after many years of fertility problems, that I have the “Touch of the God”. The same woman gave my name Yannis to her son in order to honor me.

What would be your advice for women who are having difficulties getting pregnant?

My advice to women who are trying to conceive is not to leave their dream fly away, Avoid stress and always remember at the end of the day with proper help, pregnancy will be succefull.

What challenges do you face at your work?

 Every woman has completely different needs and the goal is to find the proper treatment for her medical problem starting from the touch of her soul.

What is your vision in life? And what are your goals for the next years?

My vision is excellent medical practice with lower costs for all women. So that most of them can have proper medical treatment. My Goal is to improve my medical practice in all fields with the  support of my team and my  family.


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