An Exclusive Interview With Julie Kent MBE

Explain to our readers … Who is Julie Kent MBE?

Julie Kent is an energetic crazy woman who has just retired from 30 years at an Independent school in Cheltenham where she was a Boarding Housemistress to 60 teenage girls for 20 years. She is on the board of 3 local charities having lost her first daughter 28 years ago from a brain tumour at the age of 3.

How did you receive an MBE and how have you become a sought after public speaker?

I was emailed in June to say that I had been given a Queens award (MBE) but I couldn’t tell anyone until the Autumn!!! Killer!

I think the fact that I start by playing the saxophone is a winner!

Is it true you always open your speeches playing the saxophone? What is your favourite song to play?

Yes, it is. I have to play Baker Street because it is the most well-known tune on the saxophone.

What sets you apart from other speakers?

Most of the speakers are sportswomen, businesswomen or people that have done a big challenge. I am talking about turning a tragedy into positive actions and encouraging people to give…to charity, be that time or themselves. To give for a good cause and I explain how giving is good for you!

What are your favourite topics to talk about?

Well, I love talking about the 3 local charities that I am involved with but I also like talking about slow fashion and sustainability. I am a big thrifter and love finding vintage clothes to add to my wardrobe!

Where are you hoping most to speak at venue wise and who do you look forward to speaking in front of?

I like a big stage I’m a musician a performer at heart!! However, I am open to all opportunities particularly those looking for inspirational speakers, unique speakers, speakers that stand out and activate positive change. You hear a lot about motivational or inspirational speakers but I want to activate people to mobilise them to learn to give regularly. I hope to speak to teams that might join together to take on a life-changing challenge for charity as its good for teamwork but would also enjoy speaking at schools as I lived in one for 20 years! To speak to female teenagers and show them about grit and resilience and how to make good things happen for others.

Are there any major brand events you’d love to be involved in?

Ooooooh. Audi! The Ivy! Marriott Hotels! Kurt Geiger! Celebrity Cruises! Versace! Haha

Starbucks! Ceders Drinks…non- alcoholic…

According to you what are your greatest strengths and abilities?

I am friendly, no- judgemental, speak to everyone the same. I have masses of energy and love to have fun. I am real! And will give my ALL to everything.

If you could go back and tell yourself one bit of advice at the start of your career what would it be and why?

I would say…time goes so quickly so make the most of every second. Life is for living and after the sadness I have experienced I do feel that try to do as much for other people as possible. It is good to give and great for the receiver too…It’s a win win.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I hope to have done a TED talk by then and travel around the world speaking and encouraging others to make a positive difference in some way.

 What word of advice would you give to someone looking to raise their profile and become a keynote or public speaker?

Be yourself and be real.

How do companies and speaking bureaus and agencies get in touch with you?

By emailing and asking for Julie Kent MBE to speak at your event.

I also do event hosting and can join a panel of speakers.

All enquiries and recommendations are welcomed.

You can visit my website here:

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