An Exclusive Interview With Multi Talented Software Engineer Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens is a software engineer and an avid Bitcoin investor and evangelist. The crypto-currency expert is often consulted on matters touching on Information Technology, blockchain technology and its utilization in business. Saleh’s decision to invest in crypto-currency stems from the belief that virtual currency will dominate trade in the future. Besides Bitcoin, Saleh also follows Etherium. Etherium has grown to become the most preferred digital currency for launching Decentralized Apps (DApps) and tokens. The decentralized, smart contract platform can be purchased via mainstream monetary transfer systems like debit cards, credit cards and PayPal.

Over the years, Saleh’s ability to read the market and use advanced crypto-currency tools to his advantage has earned him a lot of profit. The tech entrepreneur uses this knowledge to help budding investors interested in establishing startups.

In his personal assessment, tech startups are a core pillar of the economy since many of them act as launching pads for innovative ideas and provide a route for rapid professional advancement.

Saleh’s interest in IT and entrepreneurship began while in high school. He holds a degree in software engineering and maintains a blog where readers can learn more about crypto-currency and share their thoughts.

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