An Exclusive Interview With TDC – aka Three Dimensional Crew

TDC – aka Three Dimensional Crew – are all from the Bay Area in Northern California, and now are headquartered in Santa Cruz. Tony Diamonds, John Dough and Tyl3r Durd3n along with DJ and engineer B-Shag Hennessy have a history of ripping mics and moving crowds throughout California. TDC has opened for national hip hop stars Problem and RA The Rugged Man, performed alongside award-winning Canadian artists Illvibe and Johnny Active, opened for known underground hip hop artist Locksmith, and performed at various festivals and concerts in multiple cities in California. Known for bringing the energy, if TDC is on the bill is guaranteed to be lit!

The Three Dimensional goons love turning up with the squad. That feeling of anticipation and relief from letting all your problems go and then heading out with the homies to celebrate life. TDC wants the world to turn up with us every night. Our sound reflects this vibe with energetic, bass-driven beats and a variety of rap flows, vocal melodies and catchy, energetic hooks.

Each TDC member brings their own flair to Three Dimensional Crew, which makes for an extremely interesting mix of ideas and flows. Tony Diamonds brings maximum energy and swag, while also providing the beats that serve as TDC’s sonic backdrop. Tyl3r Durd3n presents a smooth yet gritty sound and a variety of styles. John Dough delivers empowering raps, varying between smooth and rugged rap flows. B-Shag Hennessy helps engineer TDC’s sound to stay exciting and ahead of the curve – fans can discover something new on almost every listen!

Our fans know how to party and they have helped put TDC where they are! They know that if they want something enjoyable that’s going to bump perfectly in the whip or get the party cracking, they need look no further than TDC!

Three Dimensional Crew

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Ans:  It’s exciting because every new song for us feels slightly better than the last.  We also learn something new and experiment a little bit on each one.

Q:  How do you shut things out?

Ans:   We maintain focus by meeting in the studio – we get a pretty good deal on our studio space so we take advantage of that by using it as a music-only space.

Q: How easily do songs tend to come to you?

Ans :  It varies.  The songs come easily generally, but when they’re done they’re not always keepers.  We try not to let the occasional misfire deter us from creating as much output as we can.

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words?

Ans:  Lit Yet Not Completely Ignorant

Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the proccess?

ANS:    It’s 3 MCs with varying perspectives so we all start with a concept and then take it in different directions.  The best part is seeing what comes back when all the verses, the beat and the hook are all combined because the result is going to have an element of surprise to it.

Q: At what age did you start rapping?

ANS:  Tony Diamonds has been rapping since grade school, John Dough since high school, and Tyl3r Durd3n has been rapping for about 3 years at this point.

Q:Who are your inspirations?

Ans:  Pretty much most rappers all the way from Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre & Wu-Tang all the way up to Lil Uzi

Q: If you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Ans:  Ugly Gud

Q:What is your favorite song to rap  live?

Ans:  Probably Levels, Feelin Rich or New Day

Q:Do you have any events coming up or recording going on right now?

Ans:  We are constantly recording new tracks and have a show coming up August 5th in Monterey at the East Village Lounge. We were opening up for other artists all the time, but now we try to throw our own shows on our own time as much as possible until we can build up enough to tour.

Q:Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing as a career or just advice about careers in general?

Ans :  Stay with it and accept that people are going to hate on it when you put yourself out there.   But there’s also support to be found as you get better.

Q:  Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

Ans:  Bone Thugs N Harmony, 3-6 Mafia and Wu-Tang Clan are all big influences as far as groups.  Can’t forget newer groups like Migos.

Q:  Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Ans:  We do a lot of shows around California at this point.  Heavily in the Bay Area and Central Coast.

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