An Exclusive Interview With Travel Blogger Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk

Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk is a resolute travel blogger who has set his sights on achieving greatness, both on and off the road. His writings focus on the following key topics: food, world culture and entertainment. In his efforts to bring captivating stories, the New England native has visited many US states and countries around the world. He has already visited four European cities, namely; Venice, Rome, Paris and Berlin. Stephen is now planning to explore the Middle East and Asia. His focus is trained on the following countries India, The Emirates and China.

The Asian nations in his travel itinerary have a rich cultural and culinary history spanning several centuries. His interest in culinary arts is inspired by elements like creative food presentation, cooking techniques and restaurant reviews. Stephen Andrew Stepaniuk graduated from Northeastern University and holds an English Degree. He speaks fluent German and is learning basic Mandarin. His writing and communication skills have endeared him to corporate sponsors and the public. Stephen currently writes for a travel consultancy in Boston.

Please describe yourself briefly?

I am a passionate travel blogger with an outgoing personality. The gig began as a hobby and turned into a lifestyle when I landed a job. However, my interest in writing began back in college. I have a degree in English and work for a holiday and travel consultancy in Boston.

What drew you to entrepreneurship or the industry?

The essence of entrepreneurship is something that can be nurtured. With that inference, you need business acumen to work productively as a travel blogger. The job gives me the opportunity to shape the opinions, engage travel industry stakeholders and earn a decent living.

How do you formulate business ideas?

My travel blog stands out because of the quality of its content, reader’s engagement and the practicality of the tips and advices that I provide. The travel assignments are dictated by the demands of the body corporate and the taste of readers who throng my blog. In case of the latter, I am referring to the wanderlust addicts, environment conscious travellers and foodies.

How do you market your product and get people to buy?

The blog is an eye opener to travellers and those seeking information. To excite my readers, I always ensure the content is right. My strategy enmeshes the art of telling stories using a conversational tone. The other effective marketing strategy is social media.

What was your first endeavor as an entrepreneur?

My aspiration has always been to appeal to as many readers as possible. I am glad to see my blog attract readers from all around the world.

What personality traits do you think have helped you become a successful entrepreneur?

The traits that have helped me create an influential blog are eloquence and thought provoking content. Eloquence means putting up a well-written, proofread and possibly witty content. Writing thought provoking articles has made it easy to capture and retain readers.

What is your major failure as an entrepreneur? What lessons did you draw?

Statistics indicate as many as 50% of startups fail before the 3rd year. Business failure is caused by various financial and non-financial reasons such as poor cash flow management, weighty external shocks and inadequate financing. Since my exploits are heavy on social engagement, I always keep the customers at the heart of the business.

What stands out as your biggest success as an entrepreneur?

Because of the huge following and interest in my stories, I’ve managed to attract a substantial number of sponsors and advertisers to my blog. I consider this a huge achievement.

What is the key to your success?

I believe, positive attitude and persistence.

What is so unique about your current business?

First of all, the blog has an apt, travel theme and some of the best support plugins. The other thing that makes my blog unique is the style of writing. When I am blogging about attractions, I usually like to reveal my quest and the reasons why readers should visit the site.

On a typical day,what responsibilities do you have in your business?

My work schedule typically entails conceptualizing ideas, writing blogs and promoting the content.

Is there an educational path you would recommend to those aspiring to be entrepreneurs?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Northeastern in Boston. The major has fittingly prepared me for the world of business and international travel. For an aspiring entrepreneur, the other majors to consider include finance and actuary.

If you were to offer an advice to a budding entrepreneur, what would it be?

My personal advice is to go for your passion. This way, you get to pursue something you truly love or care about with the energy needed to succeed.

What is the 4% Challenge?

This is an interesting training or coaching program designed to help entrepreneurs dominate the market.

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