Follow your passion, Whatever it is ! Exclusive Interview With Qasim Waseem Owner at Stunt Biker Of Pakistan

Qasim Waseem is a Heavy bike stunt performer. He is truly a legend , who would ride and perform stunts on his heavy bikes.He is also famous for his Auto company bikes and cars

Q: How did you get into the stunt performer game? Was there extensive training involved?

Qasim Waseem: started when I was a teen as an amateur. Passion of bikes and stunt performance increased with the passage of time. Hobby became passion and as far the training is concerned, there was extensive training and practice involved as *no greatness comes without consistency and hardwork.* I taught myself through my passion.

Q:As a top Stunt rider in Pakistan, how do you feel about it? And how do you renew your passion towards what you do?

Qasim Waseem: It feels great to be recognized for doing what you love. I don’t think passion needs to be renewed, I find motivation in following my dreams and would like to see my better version in future, therefore it’s a work in process.

Q: How safe is it to drive a super bike?

Qasim Waseem:  All the stunts are carried out under maximum precautionary measures and behind this level of perfection has decades of handwork. Death cannot be escaped but it’s our obligation to respect life therefore it is recommended not to carryout stunts without precautionary measures and supervision.

Q: Where’s a good place to ride when you’re starting out?

Qasim Waseem: There are no dedicated track for bikers in Pakistan however the key rule to select a track for the ride is *Safety, less traffic and pedestrian free.* Therefore, track is selected with maximum knowledge and adherence of these rules. Government should encourage this sport and dedicated tracks should be available for encouragement and safety and of young riders.

Q: How many bikes have you owned, and of what brands and models?

Qasim Waseem: I have owned quite Alot of bikes in the past few years, so here I will mention some of my initial bikes. I started super biking back in 2012, *Yamaha R1 was my first bike (2008 model Raven edition 1000cc).*

a. 2nd Bike : Honda CBR 600 for 2-3 months only

b. 3rd Bike : Then 2008 model Suzuki gsxr 1000

c. 4th on wards : Suzuki gsxr 2009, 10-11-12-13 and 2014.

d. Afterwards i switched to Suzuki gsxr 1000 2017 model in 2020 and used that super machine for 6 months.
Here I wanna mention that meanwhile I also switched to different brands like, Honda, Yamaha, BMW and Kawasaki

As I am not so brand conscious, whichever machine suits my demand of stunt performance and biking, I am inclined towards it however I would love to see try every bike on the planet as every machine has its own charm and gives a unique experience.I have used Suzuki the most and I would suggest the newcomers to go with it as well.

Q: What is the daily ride that you have in the garage right now?

Currently I have,

Qasim Waseem: Suzuki GSXR-R1000 (2017 model) and
Suzuki GSXR 1000 (2021 model). These bikes are in my daily personal use for now, and are my go to bikes. However I have following bikes in collection in my garage:-
a. Suxuki GSXR 1000 (2021)
b. Suzuki GSXR-r1000 (2018)
c. Suzuki GSXR-r 1000 (2017)
d. Yamaha R6 600 (2011)
e. Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc (2013)
f. Suzki GSXR 1000 (2013)
g. Suzuki GSXR 600 (2013)
h. BMW s1000rr (2018)
i. BMW s1000rr (2011)
j. Suzuki boulevard M109 1800cc (2012)
k. Honda CBR600 (2013)

Q: You have your own team of riders, how do you “manage” all the stunt men/women during the ride?

Qasim Waseem: Biking community is quite self disciplined because it demands punctuality, team work, coordination and much more. Therefore I would like to describe it as teamwork. Yes, I have my own team but it takes years of experience to be a skilled member, now mostly the riders in my team are quite pro. Therefore planning and coordination is done before the ride so management is not a problem with pro riders.

Q: What do you prefer? Performing the stunts alone or within a group? Does each need different skills?

Qasim Waseem: I always like to perform solo stunts for a couple of reasons. Team stunts require bigger coordination, or may be government support or sponsors. Moreover I enjoy solo stunts more but I won’t refuse to try group stunts aswell, provided the suitable tracks and conditions.

We go for rides in groups and asfar as the skills are concerned, everyone in this game have different skills that’s why I usually say that it’s not a competition, it’s a passion. Everyone has a different and powerful skill set in this game.

Q: What message do you want to give to your followers and fans as doing these stunts is a little risky?

Qasim Waseem: I just Want to say, *follow your passion, whatever it is. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something but remember, consistency and determination alone are nothing without handwork. Secondly, talking about the risk factor, I believe risk lies in every sport. In fact there is risk even for a pedestrian crossing the road. Therefore we can not escape death but should try our best to minimize the risk factor, which can be done by taking precautionary measures, practice under suitable environment and maximum knowledge of the profession.*


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