An Interview With Famous Life and Bridal Coach Stephanie Varda

Stephanie, you are a famous Life and bridal Coach. Tell us a bit how did it all start?

What inspired me to become a life coach stems from my own personal experiences. Going through quite a few intense operations before my mid-20s, as well as having experienced the traumas of dialysis, I’ve learnt among other things that patience is paramount in many instances. Using my own experiences along with seeking the help of a life coach, I wanted to give something back and becoming a life coach myself seemed the perfect way to do that.

I have been involved in the Wedding and Design industry, while also volunteering in helping others in any way I could, until one a thought crossed my mind, why not combine both my passions in one, hence a Bridal Coach.

Do you work online as well? What services do you offer?

Yes, most of my sessions are done online – mostly Face Time or Skype. I also offer various programs to help tailor to each client needs. These programs are very rewarding in dealing with things such as stress. Stress is normally seen as having a negative on people, but using it to your advantage can actually have the opposite effect.

What is your vision?

To help people find that perfect balance in their lives without letting stress overcome them, in any Event in their lives, big or small.

What is the best thing you have ever heard from a client?

I cannot think of anything in particular at the moment, but for me, when I client finishes a program and feels confident to carry on without our sessions, it makes me very happy knowing and seeing that they have achieved their goals.

Bridal coaching sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about it? What do you offer?

Planning a wedding to be very stressful, trust me I know from experience! Some brides wish to plan their own wedding or cannot afford a wedding planner. That’s where I come in. I help bride-to-be control the stress and not let the stress overcome them, as to enjoy the process as it is a very fun and exciting time of one’s life.

I also offer some help in planning process, or examples a month to month checklist, or ideas that could help stick to ones budget. It’s bride fills out a checklist form and then sends it to me before our first consultation. That way I know exactly what they are looking for and how to help.

You have an amazing clientele, how do you manage work and everyday life? How is a typical day?

I tend to not take on many clients in the month as I want to make my clients know that I will give 110%

I do love what I do so I find keeping a balance between my personal life and my work easy, one thing I try to do every day is leave some time for me.

What do you advise brides to be? Is there a perfect wedding?

Yes, I believe there is a perfect wedding. One of the big things to remember having that “perfect wedding “is that is about you and your husband to be and you will not be able to please everyone, just remember to have fun and the little compromise here and there never hurt anyone.

How can someone find you?

Unfortunately, I cannot really answer the question as are used to ask that question all the time too, until one day I found him. Even though it’s frustrating to hear, what they say is true “you find someone when you least expect it”

What do you love the most at your profession?

That’s an easy one….my objective has always been helping my clients in achieving their aims. Interacting with them, listening and getting to know them is also a pleasure and I like to believe that every session strikes a chord with each and every client.

What would you advice people that suffer from stress?

Everyone suffers from stress at one point or another in their lives. More than others. There are many things we can do on a daily basis to control the stress, but the main thing to do is remember you’re not alone and there is always someone to talk to.

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