Interview with media executive Jay Connor

Jay Connor is the current Group CEO of EssexTV and EssexMag, he splits his time between running his media ventures and managing a busy Essex pub, we pulled him in for a quick interview.

What’s the main priority for Jay Connor right now?
My main priority at the moment is getting EssexTV to reach its full potential and keeping the team motivated… in my personal goals me and my wife have just purchased a home so now my priority is making that house a home we can live happily in.

Your Loose Lads show has received rave reviews, what will you need to make it as big as Loose Women?
What i need now is original content, stuff that will make people want to keep coming back to watch. In the 1st week of the 1st episode being released we had over 90k views so thats pretty good stuff… we are set to film this coming week and also organising a Christmas special so thats something to watch out for! I’m also brining in new talent and up and coming viners to the show what they are made of… loose lads can be a platform to showcase talent

With Christmas around the corner what’s an average Christmas like at the Connor’s?
Well this year is going to be my 1st Christmas in  mine and Keri’s new home, so it’s going to be different, i generally work Christmas day so my Christmas day is Boxing day… i have a niece called Skye who we spoil rotten! Christmas pretty must resolves around here. She’s out little princess/Rebel


Who has been your biggest inspiration to date?
My biggest inspiration to date is my grandparents! Grandad passed when i was 18 and i miss his today as much as i did 9 years ago. I find myself constantly asking myself what would grandad do… he was and i still class him as my best friend and all i aim to do is make him proud. Now he has passed i have my nan who is my little Angel and she couldn’t be prouder of me and i absolutely adore her and would do anything for her 🙂

I have to mention my mum! She is my Rock, she has been through so much and she is as strong as an OX! Now I’ve found a loving wife who is just as strong as my mum so m surrounded by great inspirations and role models, i just want to make them proud.

As the Chief Executive of a channel – what does your average day entail?
My average day starts with getting up, checking all social media.. checking google/ yahoo as we are an accredited news company all the top news from us goes on there… i then take a look at schedule of what’s being shot for the day… make sure all the team knows there tasks and that everything’s getting done. If I’m not working at the pub i will pop in on shoots and surprise the cameramen… I’m currently learning how to use the cameras professionally so it’s doing great for my knowledge to be out on the field with the guys.

Rumour has it your music is about to take-off, anything you can share with us?
Yes i have just signed a deal with CO Records with my partner Billy Kabanda. We have a track called Spotlight which is currently under construction and looking to be released before Christmas… this is a very exciting time for me and billy as we have worked very hard for this and its now our time.

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