Kaylovesfashion! A new brand name in the Fashion Industry…Tell us a bit about yourself

Well, I’m a Greek Australian gal who grew up in Australia. I started my B.A at Adelaide University, majoring in English, and went on to live and travel between Greece and Australia for a number of years. I was always one of the lucky ones,  working on things I loved. At some point, I decided my love for fashion needed to take the position it deserved in my life, and, without realizing it, I took a step . One thing lead to another and, all of a sudden – you know how these things can be, fashion became my full time job! I didn’t open the clothes museum I dreamed of ,(yes, that was my intention for many years)  but became a stylist, sourcing unique quality items for my clients.


How did it all start?

It all started when I was about 5 or 6, and my mum and grandma were dressing me for school. For some reason, they got it into their head that they could put some really uncool socks on my little feet! Well, suffice it to say, they never tried something so fool- hardy again! I chose ALL my own clothes from then onwards, making some along the way in my teenage years, and shopping like a maniac for as long as I can remember myself!

What are you selling and how can people buy your products?

 At the moment I’m selling mostly women’s wear , but I offer special collections for my male clients as well! The clothes I choose are mostly unique vintage brand name pieces such as Tods, Boss, Prada, D&G, Miu Miu, furs and hundreds more. Vintage can be a few decades old or maybe not that much, but definitely of the highest quality , design and materials, all in barely worn condition. Also I sell shoes, accessories, belts, hats , makeup , costume jewelry etc  , all lovingly sourced by me! I am a huge lover of cashmere and silk and my clients love it as well!

People can shop online; we ship internationally and have kept shipping free so more people can enjoy #Kaylovesfashion superior quality and service without worrying about shipping charges.

Also, as a stylist, I offer style sessions whether it’s going to a ball, party, wedding or other special occasions such as a photo shoot, a gala and of course we do Bridal.

What is the best thing you have heard from a client?

My clients love the products! The best was: ‘’I feel like a million dollars’’!

Why fashion?

Because I couldn’t …NOT!  It’s like asking somebody why they’re in love with this or the other person.. Its your heart that has chosen. It’s not a conscious decision. You follow your instincts…and mine brought me here!

What inspires you?

Everything !I am an amateur painter as well,  my whole family are amateur painters and artists , and everything I see, hear or smell inspires me. Flowers, perfume, colors, beautiful people, gorgeous materials, nature, everything!

How can someone place an order?

It’s really easy! You can visit my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/kaylovesfashion_official/ , send me a message and place your order!


Do you offer more services?

Yes, of course.  In addition to physical products I offer online sessions! Clients can book a consultation for an hour or a month to get a style makeover , dress for a special occasion. I do bridal styling as well!


What are your future plans for the business?

Well, we are expanding so rapidly that even my most optimistic predictions have been left far behind. I can tell you though that a men’s section would look nice next to the ladies wear….

I also want to devote a huge chunk of my energy to fur, which I adore. I am already taking steps to design and create in this wonderful natural resource. Greece is the capital of fur and furriers , so this  is a natural step for somebody who loves it as much as I do.


What would you advise a young Professional?

My advice to any young fashion lover who sees a future in the business is to listen to his/her heart! People can feel your honesty and sincere desire to fulfill their needs and when they do, they will flock to you. There is no faking it so don’ t even try! Real passion should always be the driving force behind everything you do . It’s the key to success and l know it’s what’s brought me thus far.

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