A Latest Chat With Famous Music Artist Lord Kass

Cnf Mag Recently Interview with famous and passionate music artist Lord Kass ! We share our conventions with him for all his fans .

Q:What gave you the inspiration to make music?

I came from a family of music. My mom was musician and very talented singer. She even taught me how to dance when I was younger. I started out as a break dancer, dancing was my first love.

Q:what was it like growing up for you?

I grew up in Los Angeles California. I was not rich by any means it was me and my mom and one of my brothers. My mom worked 2 jobs sometimes 3, I was pretty much the man of the house. I grew up around a lot of gang violence. I have friends who are doing life in prison or dead. Thank god I avoided both of those.

Q: Did you find growing up like that gave you a different perspective in life?

It definitely did! My insight on life is very outgoing. I had to learn how to make my dreams a reality. Because a lot of times reality was not a place I wanted to be. I started to speak through music, it was my way out.

Q: What type of artist do you consider yourself to be?

First and foremost I am a lyricist. Lyrics mean everything to me. It is what makes the spirit move.

Q: Have you ever performed outside of California?

Yes I have, California, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Toronto, New Jersey, That is just to name a few

Q: Any other artist you have ever worked with?

Yes I have shared the same stage with Mobb Deep, Papoose, Ke$ha, I mean the list goes on I can’t even name all of them. I worked with Fat Joe as well.

Q: Who would you like to work with?

DJ premier, that would be a dream come true. Dave East, Nick Grant, Lupe fiasco, Kendrick Lamar. That is a long list as well

Q: Who has inspired you?

My biggest inspiration has to be my son Najh. He passed in a car accident a while ago. I feel I have to live and do everything through him. Since he can’t do it or live his life, then I have too. If it was not for him there would be no Lord Kass. After that it would be my mother.

Q: You have a new album that is coming out, tell us a little about it ?

The album is called H.O.R.U.S. The first single is called Return of Voltron that is already out on Google Play, ITunes, Spotify, and almost everywhere. You can go on my website and get it as well. Lordkass.com
The album should be out sometime at the end of March

Q: When it’s all said and done what is your ultimate goal?

I want to be able to open up a performing arts school for gifted kids who can’t afford to go to one. There is a lot of kids that have a god giving gift and nowhere to.

Want to know more about  Lord Kass visit his website www.lordkass.com or follow on Instagram : instagram.com/Thereallordkass

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