Prevent Break 3 by Jarrod A. Freeman

Prevent Break 3 is about a post apocalyptic town called hollow end, and it is a comedy/slapstick horror, it is based on the survival of Maxx and Girl, the last two known humans that remain. And they have daily struggles of Dopeys (zombies) and Ferrals (Dogs with rabies) The book is very graphic with gore and violence.

Join Maxx, Girl, Eddie and Caddie go on a survival trip that will have you laughing, smiling and Also crying.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

I am Jarrod A. Freeman, I am 25 Years old, I am German / Irish, I was born in Dandenong, Victoria n 94,
I have a wonderful family and I love my family dog, my education isn’t that interesting, I went to year 10 dropped out of school and decided to find endeavours at various jobs till I found Flexistrut where I am now.

 At what point did you decided to become an Author ?

I had my on/Off period, meaning since I was young I would write stories to kill time and spend my weekends writing, But I never took it anywhere. I would use 64 paged exercise books and write random stuff ahha, but up until 2018 I didn’t venture out.

 Please share your recent book you write ?

I released Spright Shock: Chapter One. Which is only available on Wattpad. Totally free, It’s to test the waters. It is an action/ Horror Project, So it had a serious tone but also some humour with comic relief, The chapter can be found at Wattpad. Spright Shock: Chapter On.

 When and where do you write ?

Okay. You see the sterotypical author, drinking coffee sitting at a cafe, I just sit in my bed and write. Have some background noise and some coffee and go from there.

What motivates you to do your best work as author?

Well I mean, At the end of the day if you write a 6 hour project that has no compassion and feeling then people will see it was slapped together and wouldn’t be a fan anymore haha

What’s your advice to an aspiring Authors / writers?

Write everyday, Get a twitter account, join a a writing community on twitter and realise there is no such thing a stupid idea only stupid execution. Meaning if it can be thought it can be done.

Are you writer that interacts a great deal with your readers?

I do reply to my good reads comments (Good and the bad)
But if someone asks questions or needs advice I will help.

How can people find your book online and get updates about it ?

I generally don’t have a niche tribute Facebook page for A majority of my books but some of my titles have dedicated posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Just google me and go from there.

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