Steves Peeps talks POP!

At just 28 Steves Peeps is already a pro at reinvention and pulls off any guise he tries with precision. On February 20th Steves drops his new PC music style DJ set “Juicy” We caught up with the young trendsetter about some of his newest inspirations and outlooks.

(CNF MAG )A lot has been made of your personal style, which is definitely unique but also classy at the same time. Can you describe what has influenced you lately?

(Steves)Early 2000s fashion, Paris Hilton at a mini bar with Nelly sitting right next to her. TRL vibes, hues of pink,pastel and light blue. You know that infamous pic of Britney Spears and Justin with that denim on denim ? I am inspired by iconic photos like that. That gets my Juices flowing.

(CNF MAG )So you have a new DJ set coming out called Juicy explain where the name came from.

(Steves) It is named after the brand Juicy Couture. Back in like 2001-2007 you would see everyone rocking one of those tracksuits. It is iconic. It is like… Pop culture. I am big on this thing called Tabloid Aesthetic. It is basically things you would see celebrities wearing in magazines during the mid 2000’s including.. Coach bags, Motorola Razr, T-mobile sidekicks, Coach sunglasses. Coach was like another Iconic maximalistic brand. That white Louis Vuitton bag with the different colored logos on it is also one of those ” moment in time things”. My DJ set is a fun light hearted mix to play at like fashion shows or just shopping online you know ? I am obsessed with maximalism now. You already have brands like GUCCI taking over with their maximilist aesthetic right? So I feel like minimalism has gotten a little fatigue, so like it is cool to have brands do a 180 and be all maxmilisim in contrast to the past couple of years of like you know… Acne T-shirt black with Black jeans with Black vans, White Unique T shirt with white. jeans of SLP.

(CNF MAG)What are some new trends you see on the horizon for the fashion world in next couple of years?

(Steves)The slow retirement of skinny jeans. Things are going to evolve to more relaxed fits. I am not saying its going to be like JNCO jeans, but rather the whole skinny jeans everything is going to be phased out. Throwback jerseys will be back. Track Pants will be another one. Adidas has this Calabasas line thing that is coming out that will further reinforce this idea. I think it would be kind of ironic if like Nu-metal-core comes back (laughs) Time will only tell.

For all info on Steves Peeps be sure to check his official website and Facebook.

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