The Oscars, Celebrities, and Jewellery: A Look at Some of the Most Beautiful and Expensive Pieces

In addition to the awards themselves, Oscar ceremonies have always been a night for stars to shine their brightest in front of the world. So, it’s no surprise that we notice celebrities making headlines with gorgeous attires and complementary accessories every year. Not everyone manages to pull off what they want to though, but the ones that do usually set new trends for years to come.

Today, we are going to concentrate on some of the finest jewellery ever worn by stars at the Oscars, and you can rest assured that each of these pieces deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame!

Lady Gaga’s Yellow Diamond Necklace in 2019

Just last year, Lady Gaga complimented her black dress at the Oscars with a giant, yellow diamond necklace. Even the most inexperienced observer would have found it impossible not to notice the 128.54-carat yellow diamond swinging like a gorgeous boulder from her neck! This $30 million stone is the highlight for sure, but the total price of the diamond-encrusted necklace is going to be much higher, placing Lady Gaga on this list quite firmly. In case you didn’t know, this is the same yellow diamond which Audrey Hepburn wore back in 1961 while posing for an ad shoot.

Angelina Jolie’s Emerald Earrings in 2009

More than a decade ago, Angelina Jolie wore the now legendary, 115-carat Colombian emerald earring at the Oscars, and it remains one of the most jaw-dropping pieces ever seen on the red carpet. At that time, the earrings were worth $2.5 million, but if you add the 65-carat emerald ring she also wore to the Academy Awards, you would have to add another $1 million to that number!

Cate Blanchett’s Diamond Bracelet and Ring in 2014

Cate made the brown diamond bracelet and a gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring work in perfect harmony with her translucent brown dress. The combination of matching bracelets and rings was indeed stunning, but we don’t really need to look at stars to know how stunning that can be! Just check out the original crown rings and diamond bracelets yourself, and you may just fall in love with the regal designs in their many variations.

Nicole Kidman’s Sautoir Diamond Necklace in 2008

If you find diamonds to be attractive stones like nearly everyone else in the world, then you should take a look at the Sautoir diamond necklace that Nicole Kidman complemented her black dress with back in 2008. At 1,400-carats, and containing 7,645 diamonds in total, it’s no wonder that the piece was worth $7 million even back then, not to mention the fact that it took 6,200+ hours to make!

Just in case we missed your favourite piece of jewellery at the Oscars, then it’s most likely because we have such a small list to prepare from decades of exquisite jewellery, as showcased by multiple generations of celebs throughout the history of the Oscars. Nonetheless, each piece on this list is exquisite and deserves a spot here, just as much as the others.

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