Can You Make Bath Bombs Without Molds?

Bath bombs are delightful chunks that smell pleasant and explode into colorful fizz in the bathtub. The purpose of the hard-packed mixture of the dry ingredients is to add bubbles, color, and essential oils to the bathwater.

Making bath bombs requires the use of molds for fancy and assorted shapes. However, you don’t always need the store-bought bath bomb molds to make them. Instead, you can make use of the readily available household items to create unique bath bombs. It is essential in saving up on the money that would have been used to purchase the molds.

Items that can be used as molds


The hands are the simplest tool that can be used as a mold for making the bath bomb balls.  What you need to have are latex gloves which protect your skin and prevent sticking. The hands are used to roll the already made mixture until a ball is formed. The fragile balls can be left to dry for about 24 hours to harden.

Measuring cups

Most households have measuring cups in different sizes. Smaller measuring cups are excellent for making perfect bath bombs. You can put the mixture in a one third and a quarter cup pieces and level it off and firmly press the mixture to create a grip. Once done, you can turn over the cups and remove the bath bombs for drying.

Ice cube trays

The ice cube trays are the best household tools that can be used to mold the bath bombs when it comes to time-saving. It is possible to mold many bath bombs at a go. All you need to do is press the mixture in the tray and level it off. Once done, turn over the tray and tap gently to remove the molded mixture.

Beverage and milk caps

Although they seem small, the caps help make small fizzes and melts. All you need to do is pack the mixture in the caps and flatten it. Once done, you can turn them over and tap to remove the small bath bombs which should be left for drying.

Cookie cutter

Making bath bombs of different sizes and shapes as well as themed ones is easy with the cookie cutter. The bath bomb mixture is pressed into the cookie cutter and smoothed out so it can level. Once done, you can remove the cookie cutter gently and allow the bath bombs to dry.

Muffin tins

The muffin tins allow you to create a lot of bath bombs at once and in different sizes. You can either use the mini or regular muffin tins for the exercise. Once you have packed the mixture in the tins and leveled it up, you can turn them over to remove the bath bombs.

Making bath bombs can be easier using simple household items which create unique shapes and can make products of different sizes.  There is no need to worry about getting bath bomb molds from the store when there are free tools readily available in the house.


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