An insider’s view to Hunk² Underwear: the revolutionizing men’s fashion brand

Hunk² is a men’s underwear brand. The brand has proposed something not expected in the men’s world: removing the heavy branding typical of men’s boxers. The brand has decided to push men’s underwear into classy, high-fashion designs.

We wanted to get an insider’s perspective of the brand. These few questions reveal what this brand is about.

Hunk² has been on the market already for a few years. What has been the reaction of men to their fashion proposal?

Allen Campbell, a brand’s representative, mentions that they have had a great response among both gay and straight men.  Their lines, underwear and swimsuits, have come up with unique fashion points. Some of these are: underwear with pockets, reduced logos, tagless underwear, and many more.

 Hunk² underwear

Something interesting about the brand is that its previous collections have featured boxer briefs, but not regular briefs. The reason is…

The brand is still testing various designs and defining what their audience prefers in terms of boxer briefs. They are planning to then make briefs versions out of their most popular boxer briefs designs.

Targeting mostly gay men underwear, the brand came up with a line of men’s colorful fashion jockstraps and thongs.

Jockstraps are not a new thing, but Hunk² is taking them to next level. Check the Hunk² hot jockstraps and Hunk² thongs for men.

Prints are a big component in Hunk²’s new collection. What’s behind these colorful designs?

Great catch! That’s one of the main aspects of Hunk²: fun, creative prints. We feel that there are already too many blocky & boring underwear designs on the market, and we wanted to make something different.

This designer’s men underwear brand wanted to be artistic and take along vibrant colors, shapes, pockets, patterns, and much more. There is more art in their underwear than you could imagine. Everything was purposefully selected to communicate a message. Product names and look mix together to make an artistic theme.

Brands that design with their audience in mind are set up for success. Keep coming to our blog and keep yourself updated on Hunk² underwear news and the coolest fashion trends!

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