Made in Germany Miami Pionier! Luxury Watches At Discount Prices!

I love watches that’s why I am always in search of beautiful and unique watches. Last Week I found the Made in Germany Miami Pionier on and I love its amazing collection. I bought 2 watches and received them within 3 days. I really liked there great easy checkout with free FedEx delivery. The Miami collection I picked is made in Germany and comes with 2 years warranty from Pionier. The watches are uniquely and smoothly designed for men, and the watches have super functional features which make it great for your day-to-day needs.

The thick leather band watches are the first category and they come in different appealing colors, which are brown and black straps. The metal straps on the Miami Pionier series come in silver, black, gold, sapphire colours. But, both the leather straps and metal straps have the same design. They are different only in straps, colours, and they are all sold in the same amount. So, if you are not a fan of leather straps watches you can pick from the metal straps series.

The hour and minute hands are wonderfully designed in the same way, and the clear crystal makes the case more appealing and desiring. The crown – which is used for changing the time was designed in a way that it’s easy for everyone to use, unlike some other watches where you have to apply special strength to be able to use the crown.

There is a space between the case and the straps in the leather strapped series but the metal strapped series do not have the space.

I highly recommend them to you as well. Or at least I would say that you should visit their website You will not regret visiting it!

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