5 Benefits Of Music Lessons For Kids

If you have school-age kids, you understand the value of keeping their time occupied with enriching activities.  Letting a young mind sit idle is a waste of time and potential.  Of course, there’s a time and place for relaxation, but pushing a young mind to learn is beneficial for their future.

If you’re considering signing your child up for music lessons, take a little time to do some investigation.  Here is a brief list of some of the most notable benefits of music lessons for children.


Reading music improves language skills

Music truly is another language, and you don’t truly know it until you learn to play an instrument.  Learning to read music requires your child to fine tune their ears to hear sounds and nuances they may not otherwise explore.

When you’re learning a new language, you need the ear to hear and recreate other dialects.  Bilingual brains are more flexible, and speaking more than one language opens up doors in the professional world as well.


Kids learn discipline and patience

If you choose to sign your kid up to learn to play the guitar, they’ll definitely need some patience and discipline to succeed.  There are hundreds of ways to combine notes on a guitar, and your child will need to do their due diligence to really master such a complex instrument.


Physical skills are fine tuned

If you have a kid that has a whole lot of energy, learning to play percussion instruments might be an excellent way to focus all that extra buzz.  At the same time, playing a percussion instrument really works hard to refine your child’s eye-hand coordination.

Fine tuning those fine motor skills is important for dexterity and agility.  Give your kid an extra little super power by signing them up for percussion lessons.


Playing music cultivates social skills

Social interaction is a fortunate byproduct of learning to play music.  If your kid plays in the school band, they’ll be consistently interacting and working alongside other children in the band.  This social interaction can be a positive way for kids to learn about relationships.

Playing music together requires your kid to listen to and watch the other players in the band for cues.  When everyone in the band is on the same wavelength, the end result is beautiful.


Playing an instrument boosts self esteem

When your kid is fluent enough in their chosen instrument, you’ll see the esteem boost they experience written all over their face.  The feeling you get after playing a song perfectly in tune is similar to what a football player must feel after scoring the winning touchdown.  It’s invigorating, and your child will feel quite accomplished.

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