Arkadian is Back with Another Smashing Hit Number ‘Heart of Lion’ Well Incorporated in Brave Musicality

The New York rapper Arkadian is spreading consuming aura with his new song ‘Heart of Lion’, unleashing a musical aura that is charming as well as daunting.

The gripping singer and songwriter Arkadian is one of the truthfully overpowering artists of the hip-hop genre. He was born in New York City and has been pursuing his musical career there from the beginning. The overpowering nature of this number will make sure that you are delivering the distinctive accent of this wide genre. The song ‘Heart of Lion’ has been exceeding with the overflowing delicacies of its musical aura. This well-composed number has the vibrant generosity of the self-expressing genre. His verse his flows are very vibrant and colorful. He went on a tour with Yung Bleu, and he made a great impression on the audience there. The tour held in Dec 2021 in Seattle Washington.

This New York rapper is going on a tour with Jim Jones in Chicago. He is also working on a music video, that shows his life and the struggles that he has to face in his way of pursuing a musical career, ‘Life of Arkadian’ will be released in either February 2022 or March 2022. He is also planning to release the video of this daunting track, ‘Heart of Lion’. Various promos of several upcoming tracks will be launched as well. He is one of the self-taught musicians who have been cultivating his form of art with keen interest and care. The storytelling nature will make the audience get lost in the musical vibes that he offers. The tunes are catchy and are also well incorporated into the song.

He made his debut with the song ’Bounce’; this song has a wide fan base of its own. From Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, to Staten Island this song had become the favorite party track widely. The song became so popular that Arkadian released two versions of this upbeat song. And both the versions of the song ‘Radio edit version’ and the ‘Mastered version’, became widely famous. After this, he released ’01 Drunk Clean’ another engaging number. He has collaborated with Abhi the Nomad in ‘Somebody to Love’, and the song became widely famous crossing 489K views on an online music streaming platform. He is available on SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has his website as well.

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