Don’t forget to help the world by J.T. Hiskey and Lil B

Fire alert! There is a new song officially out now by two of the hottest rappers in the game… that’s right, J.T. Hiskey and Lil B . The two have recently teamed up to drop their brand new single titled “Help the World” in order to help the world.

Hiskey went on Instagram live last night explaining the meaning behind the song, and how all the proceeds raised from the song will be going towards a great cause to support BLM (Black Lives Matter). “We both have great chemistry together and we both have such similar styles of music so it only made sense” Hiskey said on his highly viewed Instagram live that went down last night. “Lil B has been amazing to work with and I couldn’t be anymore stoked for you to hear what we have put together”.

We cannot agree anymore, and we are thrilled that this collaboration has finally happened. Many have anticipated for this duo to come together for years and now the day has come. Two living legends coming together to bless us with another classic, we are blessed for sure.

We know how eager you are to hear the song so we attached the link to it down below for you to check out.

Don’t forget to help the world!

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