E-EYE’S Release new EP ‘Masterpiece’

I was not able to sleep and feeling bored last night. I tried many things but all in vain. But by chance, an album got my attention on SOUND CLOUD. The album named “MASTER PIECE”. This album is by indie artist E-EYE’S. He is an awesome artist, urban pop recorder, and songwriter. The first song in the album is “UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE”, which is very entertaining. The song is has heart-touching beats and the musicians have shown how skilled they are. These beats just stuck in your head and the lyrics are awesome. The lyrics are very motivating and about the self-power. I personally like the words “I got my own destiny”; these words motivate me and get me energized.

The next song on the album is “HONESTLY”. This song is the full mood on, you just listen to the son and your feet come in the movements automatically.  The music is very attractive and I loved how the musician has made the coordination of the vocalist and all the beats. And the repetitions of the word “HONESTLY” enhance the vibe of the song. I love the end of the song when the singer says “one day you goanna regret losing me”. And HONESTLY, I like the song very much. Then comes the “LOVE PEACE & JOY”. This song is a party song and the sound that is all in the song is very attractive and just stuck in your mind. In this song, the drummer should be given the credit; he has taken the song to another level. The song made you dance automatically it has brilliant and attractive tunes.

The last song in the album is the remix of the song “UNTILL THE DAY WE DIE”. This remix has taken the song to another level of entertainment. You will surely like this remix.

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