Experience the Fusion of Melody and EDM in South Korea DJ & Producer, Cafrii’s New Release ‘Sunrise’

The South Korea DJ & Producer, Cafrii has brought a beautiful and hard-hitting track that is set to rock you. The song ‘Sunrise’ will keep you hooked throughout.

Seeing the collaboration of DJ & producer Cafrii with Paula Mendes, the track ‘Sunrise’ kicks off with a melodic flow and creatively skillful backdrop but progresses to create its exclusive arena. The South Korea DJ & Producer has designed this track with an emotional underlying statement but has a hard-hitting set up too. It has been set up by providing a perfect balance between supreme talent and artistic professionalism. The track pivots the listener with scintillating waves and minutely crafted riff & bars. It progresses quickly from being calm and smooth to something captivatingly engaging and rhythmically entrancing.

The way the soundscape has been poured over it, it has made a perfect sense. The track is successful in enveloping the audience completely. There is certain brightness to the entire structure of the track that flows from the start to the end. Unlike any other EDM track, sound effects are perfectly used in this track. The entire structure of the track takes a giant leap towards the future of this genre. Having worked with artists like Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound, Cafrii has given attention to the smallest of details and this has helped in bringing out the true flavor of the track. The minutely crafted structure is well backed up by a heartfelt vocal delivery and even more soothing sound design. All these elements make this track a go-to for any EDM lover.

As the song comes closer to the end, you get more drowned into the moments. The mellow tone adds spice and a certain layer of uniqueness to this musical wonder. The vocalist’s impeccable delivery and honest presence make the track even more exciting. Sunrise has been produced under the Universal Music Group.

The track is an absolute hit and the way it has managed to draw the attention of the audience makes it a song to be remembered for a long time. It will certainly make its way to the top of the EDM charts. You can stream this awesome track by Cafrii on the online music platform SoundCloud. If you are interested in knowing more about him, then follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Track Link: https://soundcloud.com/kafriofficial/sunrise-feat-paula-mendes


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