Born in Arles, Southern France, Sevy Campos began to sing and play guitar at a very early under the encouragemet of Nicolas Reyes leader from The famous band The Gipsy Kings” who is from his hometown. During his teen years Sevy across all of Europe, and lived in the UK for 5 years He then returned to France before going to Germany.

With the determined strumming of his acoustic guitar and the signature of his expressive, passionate vocals, Sevy Campos blends in an electronic dance music flavor that is very reminiscent of some of the crossover mega-hits released by Avicii or Dj Snake.

A few weeks ago, Sevy Campos signed a deal with one of the most prestigious international Record labels based in New York City called Bentley Records. His music will soon take oversoon the all world. Believe me or not, Sevy Campos is preparing an album and thinking already about his world tour in 2020.

Sevy Campos continues to be aired worldwide on radios, and tv, and also some clubs in the USA.

You can listen one of his last song, where he featured Georges Reyes, the son of Nicolas Reyes with “Are we happy”

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