Lebanese Rock Artist IJK Releases His Latest Lyric Video

IJK, a rising singer-songwriter from Beirut Lebanon currently based in Dubai, has just released his latest lyric video entitled “Space Odyssey”.

The song is a combination of piano based rock melodies and interesting lyrics about stars, black holes and the mysterious “wonder of the universe”.

IJK’s answer when asked about the theme of “Space Odyssey”: “I wanted to write a song that summarizes mine and everyone’s longing to answer deep questions such as where are we from? Where are we going? What’s out there beyond the stars? I think everyone would like to find out…”

The lyric video combines scenes of IJK performing with his band mate with awesome footage of space and cosmic objects.

If you haven’t yet listened to “Space Odyssey”, we highly recommend you check out this up-and-coming rock artist from Lebanon on http://www.imadjackkaram.com/music.html

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