Making The World A More Peaceful Place Through Music –Yael Benamour

Can’t imagine living without music. You can live without a lot of things for several weeks and without some things for a number of days, but all that aside, how long can we really live without music? Or, more precisely, how long would we enjoy life without music. Even if there is no live music playing near us and no music playing on an electronic device we still have music playing in our head at least sometime during the day. It could be a tune from a commercial or a movie that we can’t get out of our head or it could be something flowing through our mind and we don’t even know where it’s from or how or when we heard it.

That’s how powerful music is. It permeates our whole being and in a sense, our whole world, and we just continually go forward in life listening to it and moving in rhythm to its beat. Gaby Mour, the very talented French composer, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger is one of those extremely gifted artists whose music, once we hear it, stays with us. Her compositions can conjure up strong emotions from the audience as soon as the volume is turned up.  Of course, that’s what music is known for – making us feel things. Music enables us to recall emotional memories, which can then affect our mood and the way we perceive our existence in that moment.

Music has been a major part of Gaby Mour’s life since she started playing classical piano at age eight. Since then she earned a university degree in Orchestrations and Harmonies and has collaborated with celebrity musicians and singers and worked as Artistic Director, Artist Development Director, Songwriter and Producer, Arranger and among many other positions, she was the CEO and founder of Your Music Company. Your Music Company is the first ever Royalty-based Crowd-Funding platform in the United-States integrating a Digital Record Label. It allows the investors to actually receive part of the artist’s royalties if the musician is successful.

Gaby Mour moved to Los Angeles from France in 2011 and since then has been one of the top in-demand music producers, composers and arrangers in the United States music industry. She has been featured as a singer on award-winning albums and is currently working on scoring motion pictures, commercials and TV shows.

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