Peter Lake’s Hit New Single ‘Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’ Fills Your Heart with Joy and Excitement

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Peter Lake uses hypnotic electronic beats that blend perfectly with his healing lyrics in ‘Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’.

New York-based promising musician Peter Lake is back reintroducing his creative brilliance in electronic music with his latest release, Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’ released on major streaming platforms a few days ago. The song is actually a fusion of two songs about the same thing. The artist had created the song with the purpose of convincing his friend to stay. While the first version was crafted with an acoustic guitar, the second one was created using Ableton. He combined the two versions increasing the intensity of the emotion that he wanted to generate. Not only the music, but I also found his singing therapeutic in terms of its tonality as well.

The seasoned singer-songwriter is hellbound on breaking the monotony of contemporary music. He combines the best elements of various genres like pop, rock, indie, house, and more establishing a brilliant soundscape. Heavily influenced by artists like Motown, Rüfüs Du Sol, David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield, Billie Eilish, and more, Peter Lake has established a soundscape that is rich in both rhythms and lyrics. I like how the sweet and uplifting energy in ‘Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’ captures the real emotions of the artist while he is sad and angry inside. I also love his other songs such as ‘Ghost in Me’, ‘Shadow Games’, ‘Sugar It Lightly’, and ‘We Got That’. Listen to him on SoundCloud and YouTube and follow him on Instagram for more information.

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