Screwed up Click BOSS Big Slab of Commission SUC talks New album

Hi BIG SLAB of COMMISSION SUC what’s going on with you and tell us how’s the album coming

actually it’s already completed and it’s dropping this summer it’s a classic already it has a club banger on there and a street anthem so it’s street certified

ok tell us how is the screw up click doing I mean what’s next for them

really we have a few new mixtapes coming out soon you can check some of them out on soundcloud just type in screwed up click dj Red or the legendary DJ screw him self the man that started it all. I have a song on my new album chopped and screw so we read

Give me a inside of the beef between you and Rick Ross

first of all itzzacee said it correctly on the remix I bet you want tricky Rick rat Ross you fill me he need to pay that money then we can talk straight up

the album is title The King of The Black Gorilla Family Mr Mark A. Jones part1 can you tell us about that

yeah yeah I am The King of The Black Gorilla. FAMILY in real life so it’s a very difficult position to have but a good one so I mean I don’t take it lightly especially with all that’s going on right now

you or sign to JAM DOWN RECORDS INC/ GAME Tight

yeah it’s all good and another label goes to our label to so thanks to everyone one who has put down for us we thank you

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