THOMAS CHABALIER: A French Touch of Music For Lancôme

Behind the recent releases of beautiful spots by Lancôme are productions that reach for the most intense connection between music and visual. The brand, whose artistic and creative direction comes from lead agency, Publicis – specializes in a high level of aesthetic, aiming to feature excellence in visuals and sound.  How does this leading luxury cosmetics brand find its music and the music that could express the elegance and empowerment it is known for?  It seems that some answers are in recent Lancôme spots …

Lancome’s Find Your Light‘s score illustrates a sort of “french touch” very light and fascinating.  In a violin solo with arpeggios in a Paganini-style, several spots feature four of the most famous muses of Asian cinema: one played by Suzy Bae, the South Korean singer and actress, Zhou Dongyu and Yuan Quan, the Chinese actresses, and Erika Toda, the Japanese star.  Another spot, features Lancôme’s latest brand ambassador, American model Taylor Hill acclaimed for her success as a Victoria’s Secret model -Hill is among Instagram’s top models. Oscar nominated actress Kate Winslet has also been embraced by the curves of the melodic lines composed by Thomas Chabalier.

The challenge was to find a suitable correspondence between the product and the music,that could resonate with the brand’s American and Asian market.  This required a unique creative direction in the music, to express melody and virtuosity, evanescent and so discreet so that the brand could at the same time describe the product in an “off voice”, and the music to be heard and felt as a concert piece by itself. Composers and perfumers sometimes use the same vocabulary: top note, chords, harmony, but each mark has to defend a certain brand image and showcases its own originality in in the vast international luxury goods market.  Lancôme very successfully chose classicism and it seems that the duet will play for a long time in this mixture of senses and synesthesia.

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