ALESSANDRO EGGER IS THE NEW PRINCE OF THE RED CARPET – and the internet it’s all mad about his outfit

Ladies and gentleman at such a young age this guy had scored a couple of hard KO’s, walking shows for designers like, Dolce and Gabbana, Moncler, Armani, KTZ and more to follow and also starring in a successful teen-idol series, he locks the scene.

“Always ready” as he reported many times on his instagram, (not followed by million but with very high active fans) this fresh kid brings the people from all around the world to dream when he wears designers.

But let’s talk about this outfit he pulled out with the knowledge of his personal stylist, Stefania Sciortino, Italian but with an international taste, that’s why she works with stars like Asia Argento and many more.

“What a confidence” it’s I have to say, and of course it’s Italian and it’s designer, to be precise ETRO tailored this masterpiece, and the question now is where can we buy it? Straight 10’s for Alessandro’s look.

We hope to see him soon again and for now good luck.

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